We're frequently asked which products we use for everyday health and wellness. Consider this our mini compilation of the supplements, products and tools that we've personally found beneficial.

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Vitamin A mediates T cell production, migration and function in immune responses. Supplementing vitamin A has demonstrated an effective therapeutic effect and is recommended by the WHO. 

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient that cannot be synthesized or stored by the human body. As a result, daily intake of Vitamin C from your diet or supplementation is critical.

Air purifiers are great for cleaning out unwanted pollutants from the air (including harmful bacteria and viruses). This is our favorite for increasing air quality in the home.

Detox teas help promote better body function, which can accelerate the process of detoxification. Consider detox tea as another tool in your belt for reaching your health and fitness goals.

Wake up lights can be very effective for preventing the predictable morning snooze. Imitating the sun’s light as it rises in the morning, you’ll be able to wake up more naturally and feel refreshed.

Find yourself tossing and turning a lot in bed due to stress or heat? Weighted blankets can prove very comforting, and will help induce a state of relaxation for a great night’s sleep.

A neti pot can be one of the best forms of treatment for stuffiness and congestion, as it clears out the nasal passageways like nothing else. Improve your quality of breathing (and life) in mere minutes.

Carrying a water bottle with you can help ensure you measure your water intake and get all the hydration you need during the day. This smart water bottle’s BPA free and well-priced.

Foam rolling has various benefits including treating soft tissue injuries, piriformis pain and sore muscles. Here’s one of our recommended rollers due to its compact size and value for money.


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