5 Best Juicing Recipes for Constipation (& Other Natural Remedies)


Do you feel congestion in your colon? Constipation is a common condition that can happen to anybody, anytime. The name “constipation” is from the Latin word “Constipatus.” This Latin word means to cram or to pack together. 

So, constipation is an uneasy condition where the colon feels packed or pressed. The colon’s matter becomes difficult to pass because of hardness and dryness. The usual condition of these materials is soft and pliable. This condition affects regular bowel movement. It prevents ingested food from moving smoothly through the colon.

Constipation is undesirable. Its effects are not for the small intestines alone; they also affect other vital parts of the body. It influences other organs’ activity and can slow down other body processes. 

There are several causes of constipation. But the good news is that you have a simple and common solution for constipation regardless of the cause. Most of these solutions are natural with fast relief action and minimal side effects. 

Juicing with natural fruit ingredients is one of the best ways to relieve constipation. Natural fruits and vegetable juice contains loads of nutrients. They also contain water and fibers. 

Are you wondering how and why juicing can work for constipation? You will find answers to juicing questions for relieving constipation in this guide. It also covers some practical recipes and the prevention of constipation. 

How Juices Provide Relief For Constipation 

Constipation is a very undesirable condition, and many individuals tend to seek fast relief solutions. One of these practical solutions is the use of natural juices. 

OTC (Over the counter) drugs work well, but they can be expensive. They also come with some side effects associated with medications. Besides, natural fruit and vegetable juice will offer the body some additional nutrients besides relief for constipation. 

Here are some reasons why fruits and vegetable juices work best for constipation; 

1. Fruits and Vegetable Juices Provide Fibers 

Vegetable and fruit juices usually contain a sufficient level of fiber. And dietary fibers are crucial elements for digestion and smooth bowel movements. 

The body does not digest dietary fibers. Instead, it keeps the gut healthy by passing through the digestive system. Also, it promotes smooth and healthy bowel movements. This movement is necessary for avoiding conditions like constipation. 

Individuals with enough fibers in their regular diet have little of having constipation. There are two types of fibers;

  • Soluble Fibers 
  • Insoluble Fibers 

Soluble Fibers: Soluble fibers easily take up water. So, it increases the stool’s softness and flexibility for easy passage. You can get this type of fiber from various dietary sources, including fruits and vegetables. 

Insoluble Fibers: Insoluble fibers are the direct opposite of soluble fibers. They do not take up water. So, it only aids the movement of materials through the bowel and eliminates healthy gut bacteria. You will also find these insoluble fibers in fruits and vegetables. 

So, the combination of soluble and insoluble fibers in most juice makes it ideal for constipation. They soften the waste materials and make it easy to pass them. The fibers also get rid of unwanted gut bacteria. 

2. Juices Contain Water 

One primary prevention technique and first response to constipation are staying hydrated. Dehydration is a primary cause of constipation in both men and women. 

So, once this condition occurs, it is best to supply the digestive system with plenty of water. This action helps to soften the waste materials and keep them moving. Besides, it will also prevent the stool from becoming stiff and lumpy. 

Juices contain enough water to help with this condition. Some of these fruits and vegetables contain water. Also, you will need to add more water during your juicing process. 

3. Presence of Sorbitol in Fruits and Vegetables 

Have you heard about sorbitol and its benefits? Sorbitol alcohol is a type of sugar present in many fruits and vegetables. It functions by helping you to pull water from various body sources to the colon. This extra water enhances smooth bowel movement. It also softens the stool and other colon materials for easier passage. 

Sorbitol is present in many fruits, and these fruits are significant ingredients in many juicing recipes. Examples of these fruits include apples, grapes, and pears. You will also find this sugar alcohol in fruits with pits like apricots and plums. Prune, dates, and other dried fruits offer a significant sorbitol level. 

Pro Tip: Prune is a rich source of sorbitol. It has this sugar alcohol in a quantity that can pull enough water into the colon to relieve constipation. 

Juicing Recipes for Constipation

Now you know how and why various fruit juices work for constipation, you shouldn’t hesitate to try them. Various healthy fruit juices and smoothies can be helpful for constipation. They often contain ingredients that are rich in fibers and sorbitol. 

Juices also contain enough water to ease dehydration. Staying hydrated is one of the most valuable ways to mitigate constipation. 

Check out some of the best fruit juice recipe options for constipation; 

1. Simple Green Juice

Time Taken: less than 5 minutes 


  • Prune Juice (1 cup)
  • Chopped Cucumber (1 cup)
  • Raw spinach (2 cups)
  • Apples 

Green juice is effective for constipation. This recipe includes prune, one of the richest sorbitol sources. Apples, spinach, and cucumbers have enough fibers to aid smooth bowel movement. Cucumber contains a high water level, and the apples also add sweet taste and flavor to the mix. 


STEP 1: Prepare all your ingredients and put them in a container. Chop the cucumbers into sizes that are easy for the blender to handle. 

STEP 2: Put the prepared ingredients into a blender and let it run for a few seconds. Wait till it becomes smooth and consistent. 

STEP 3: Add enough water if you discover that the juice is too thick

2. Prune Juice 

Time Taken: 5 to 10 minutes 


  • Water 
  • Prune (300g)

Prune juice is one of the most efficient juicing recipes for constipation. It does not only enhance smooth bowel movement. It also ensures the softness and consistency of the stool. 

Prune is a rich source of dietary fiber, and it is one of the richest sources of sorbitol. These two elements are vital for providing fast constipation relief. It also contains potassium and magnesium that makes it act as a laxative. This action helps with smooth bowel movement. 


STEP 1: Get your prunes, weigh 300g and pour it in a container. Add about two liters of water to the same pot and heat over high or medium heat. 

STEP 2: Lower the heat when the pot starts boiling. Use a suitable lid to cover the pot, and simmer for about 2 minutes. 

STEP 3: Sieve out the prunes and pour them into a blender. Add water to it and let it run for a few seconds. Keep blending until you have a smooth and consistent mix. 

STEP 4: You can get rid of the larger piece and particles by pouring them through a sieve. Note that this step is optional, and you can do without it. 

STEP 5: Enjoy your juice immediately or pour it into a bottle. You can store this juice easily in your refrigerator. 

Pro Tip: You can improve this recipe by combining it with the green smoothie above. Add the resulting juice with the green smoothie ingredients and move into a blender.

 Run the blender until the mixture becomes smooth enough for juice. You can add more water if the resulting juice is too thick. 

3. Cleansing Lemon Juice 

Time Taken: Less than 5 minutes 


  • Half lemon
  • Warm water 

Lemon juice or lemon water is another valuable option for constipation. Lemon contains a significant level of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C helps to pull out gut water to soften stool and ease bowel movement. 

Dehydration can complicate constipation and worsen the condition. So, mixing lemon with enough water will work to mitigate the condition. You can even add lemon to your regular diet to stay hydrated. Fresh lemon is usually the best option in this case. 


STEP 1: Prepare the lemon and cut out half of one piece. 

STEP 2: Boil enough water and add the lemon piece to it and let it dissolve, and mix.

STEP 3: Enjoy the resulting lemon water juice.

Pro Tip: It is best to use fresh lemon locally sourced. They usually contain a higher level of nutrients, and they form better juice with warm water. 

4. Upgraded Apple Juice 

Time Taken: Less than 5 Minutes 


  • Apples 
  • Other fruit options of your choice (including cucumber, carrots, broccoli, apple cider vinegar, etc.)

Apple is one of the healthiest fruits you will come across. It is ideal for mitigating constipation due to its high sorbitol and fibers level. This fruit also contains vitamins C, vitamin A, and calcium as part of its nutrients. 

Also, apples contain pectin. Pectin is a healthy, water-soluble fiber that aids bowel movements. Even though many apple fibers get lost during juicing, vitamin C and other elements still mitigate constipation. 


STEP 1: Chop the apple. Prepare other ingredients as well. 

STEP 2: Put the prepared ingredients into a blender and let it run for a few seconds until it becomes smooth.

STEP 3: Enjoy the juice and its effect. 

Pro Tip: Consider leaving the apple skin to add extra fiber. Also, since most apple fibers are lost during juicing, consider adding other suitable fruits. Apple can form a solid juice base, and it is flexible enough for other fruits. 

5. Boosted Orange Juice 

Time Taken: Less than 5 minutes 


  • Peeled Oranges 
  • Spinach (2 handfuls)
  • Green apples (two)

Orange can form a juice base for a bowel booster recipe. Orange is rich in dietary fibers that can aid bowel movement. These fibers are also active in the elimination of potentially harmful gut bacteria. 

Unlike apples, orange retains most of its fibers even after juicing. The presence of spinach in this mix is an additional boost for fiber contents. 

Apples include pectin and other complementary fibers as well. They also contain vitamin C that further enhances smooth bowel movement. Apple adds taste and flavor to make the juice enjoyable and refreshing. 


STEP 1: Prepare your ingredients. Remember to peel and remove the seeds of the orange, and you can leave the apple’s skin for extra fiber. 

STEP 2: Put the ingredients and the orange juice in a juicer and let it run until you have a smooth juice.

STEP 3: Add enough water if the resulting mix is too thick. Viola! Serve and enjoy your juice. 

Other Natural Solutions for Constipation

Juicing is not the only natural solution available for easing constipation. There are some other natural methods you can try. Other natural solution for constipation includes;

  • Conscious intake of fiber-rich foods 
  • Limit the consumption of processed food
  • Drink enough water and stay hydrated 
  • Lower salt intake and increase potassium ingestion
  • Engage in regular exercises that can aid smooth bowel movement

Frequently Asked Questions About Juicing and Constipation

What other fruits can help with constipation? 

Many other fruits can help with constipation besides those listed in the recipe above. These fruits include carrots, flaxseed, celery, berries, and ginger root. 

Do cooked vegetables help with constipation? 

Yes, cooked vegetables can help with constipation. They retain a high fiber level that can stimulate and enhance bowel movement. 

Can I keep eating when I am constipated? 

Constipation means slow or irregular bowel movement. Adding more food might only complicate things. So, it is best to stop eating till you clear your colon. If you have to eat at all, ensure it is fiber-rich and limit processed foods. 

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

Natural options are often the best solution for most health problems. Constipation is not an exception to this case. Juicing with fruits and vegetables provides fast relief to this condition. 

Juicing recipes for constipation are effective because of their dietary elements. They contain fibers and sorbitol that improve colon health. They also aid bowel movement. The addition of water aids hydration, which is a powerful way of limiting constipation! 

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