10 Incredible Juices for Hair Growth


Hair is one of the most prominent human beauties. No wonder most people, particularly women, spend a lot of money to ensure proper hair growth. But do you know that there are some natural juices for hair growth? These juices will positively impact your hair growth and minimize the risks involved in using chemical products.

These natural juices are not something out of the skies. They are residues of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables that are part of your regular diet. These residue juices of fresh fruits and vegetables promote hair growth and reduce the possibility of hair breakage.

If you have tried several substances for your hair growth and you are not getting any positive result, these natural juices for hair growth might be the deal-breaker. They are practical and less risky. They are also inexpensive to obtain and are readily available.

Are you wondering what these natural fruit and vegetable juices for hair growth are? Don’t think too far; below are some of the effective and natural juices for hair growth.

1. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is a common plant that is reputable for having several health benefits. Aloe Vera juice is useful in preventing hair loss. It also contains some vitamins that actively make the hair stronger and prevents hair breakage. Aloe Vera juice also contains enzymes that help to moisturize and nourish the scalp. It is one of the best juices for hair growth because it also reduces itchy scalp and dandruff.

2. Onion Juice

Onion is a healthy vegetable, and it is one of the best juicing recipes for hair growth. You can only apply the onion juice directly to the hair scalp, which prevents white hair appearance. Onion also has a high concentration of sulfur that enhances long hair growth and nourishes the hair follicle. This intense concentration can destroy common hair parasites.

3. Cucumber Juice

Do you have problems with your hair quality? All you need is a glass of cucumber juice to achieve your desired hair quality for your hair every day. Cucumber juice contains enzymes that help to improve long hair growth and prevent hair loss. This juice also ensures the proper circulation of hemoglobin to the follicles and cells of the scalp. 

4. Kiwi Juice

Kiwi juice is less popular than most other juice for hair growth. However, it doesn’t mean that it is less effective. This juice is rich in vitamin E, which is useful in improving the development of long hair. Adequate intake of vitamin E increases faster hair growth. Kiwi also helps to strengthen immunity; hence, it prevents hair fall.

5. Garlic Juice

Garlic is a common plant, and it has a rich history of helping with various health conditions. Garlic juice helps to restore hair and ensure a sufficient supply of hair follicles with enough nutrients. The topical application of garlic juice increases blood flow to the scalp. Consequently, it helps smoothen the hair and provides luster.

6. Guava Juice

Guava is another common plant, but many often overlook its potential for hair growth. Guava juice is useful for hair growth because of its rich concentration of various antioxidants. It also contains several nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, and iron that are useful for hair growth. You can get the benefits of guava from eating it raw or sipping it in the form of juice. Boiling guava leaves for about 20 minutes, and its topical application is also useful.

7. Spinach Juice

Spinach contains loads of minerals, iron, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that are useful for hair growth. Using spinach juice will help you avoid situations like itchiness of the scalp and thinning of the hair. It is also helpful in promoting and restoring hair shine because it is rich in vitamin B.

8. Carrot Juice

One feature that makes carrot a valuable plant for hair growth is that it contains beta carotene. Beta carotene provides great shiny color and luster to hair. Similarly, carrot juice restores hair quality and strengthens the hair follicle. The vitamin C constituent of carrot helps to provide adequate nourishment for the scalp.

9. Coriander Juice

Coriander is also called cilantro, and it is less common than most other plants on this list. Coriander juice mainly helps with enhancing hair growth and fights against hair fall. Another beneficial characteristic of coriander is that you can mix it with other drinks to add taste. The leaves are usually crushed and diluted before application. If you use coriander as paste, only apply it for an hour and wash it off with cold water.

10. Strawberry Juice

Proteins are essential for hair growth and hair strength, and this is what strawberry juice supplies you. Applying strawberry juice to your hair will add protein to your hair, stimulate hair growth, and add luster to the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Juice for Hair Growth

After reading through how well these juices work for hair growth, it is possible to have raised some questions in your mind. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about juice for hair growth.

Does juicing help with hair growth?

Yes, various juicing recipes help with hair growth by slowing down the rate of hair loss. It also helps lost hair grow back more rapidly than usual. 

Is orange juice good for hair growth?

Orange juice is good for hair growth because it contains vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost hair growth while also reducing hair loss. Orange also contains other valuable nutrients such as beta carotene, antioxidants, flavonoids, fibers, and magnesium.

What foods promote hair growth?

Most nutritional diets that contain essential vitamins and proteins help with hair growth. Common foods that can help with hair growth include eggs, spinach, avocadoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and berries.

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

The above list contains natural vegetable and fruit juice that can help with hair growth. These juices are safe to use and do not cost much. They offer valuable options to improve your hair growth. With this knowledge, you can now take a break from those expensive chemical options and harness these natural methods to promote your hair growth.  

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