How To Shrink Bunions Naturally: 9 Best Treatments


Do you notice any unusual swelling around the external surface of your big toe? Do you know what bunions are, or you need clarifications? Either way, you have your answers right in this guide. Surgery is not the only way to get rid of bunions. 

There are a number of ways to shrink bunions naturally, some of which include walking barefoot, eating anti-inflammatory foods, applying castor oil and using bay leaves, epsom salts or toe correctors. It often helps to strengthen foot muscles as well.

Bunions are more predominant in women. Sadly, only about half of the adult population is familiar with this condition. Some cannot even differentiate it from regular toe fracture or dislocation. Are you willing to have more profound knowledge about bunions? 

In this guide, you will learn about the entire concept of bunions. You will find details about dealing with the problem without undergoing surgery. It also provides valuable information about causes, symptoms, and risk factors. Stay on this piece to learn all these and more!

What are Bunions? 

Are you familiar with bunions, or is it relatively strange? Either way, it is better to clarify bunions before moving ahead to dealing with it using natural solutions. 

A bunion is a term used to describe a condition where bumps appear on the outer part of the foot. It is usually next to the large toe. This condition is typically achy and bony to give a protruding lump on the toe. 

The presence of bunions on foot is not only painful and uncomfortable. It also disfigures the foot and can even affect the quality of life. This condition often causes the big toe to pull towards the smaller toes. 

Symptoms of Bunions 

Bunions do not come and go quietly. It has some symptoms that show its presence in one’s foot. Here are some of the typical symptoms of bunions;

  1. Swollen lump on the outer part of the big toe
  2. Mild or severe pain around the affected area 
  3. Rigid or limited flexibility of the toe’s movement 
  4. An excessively thick layer beneath the toe 
  5. Redness, soreness, and swelling around the toe’s joint 

How To Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally 

Most people that suffer from bunions are usually desperate to get rid of them. So, they tend to go for ultimate solutions like surgery. The good news is that there are natural ways to shrink bunions without undergoing surgery. 

Most of these methods are practicable at home. You can easily blend it into your lifestyle and improve overall health. Below are the proven and effective ways to shrink bunions naturally; 

1. Walk Barefooted on Level Grounds

One of the best ways to passively get rid of bunions is walking barefooted when you have the opportunity to take off your shoes. Treading barefooted on leveled grounds can help return the bone to its regular position. It also strengthens food muscles. 

Besides, wearing shoes for a long time can become uncomfortable, complicating the condition. But note that walking barefoot on rough floors can hurt your bunions. 

2. Strengthen Your Foot Muscles 

Strengthening foot muscles is an ideal way to shrink bunions. Walking barefooted on level ground is one way to improve muscle strength. But aside from this, there are other effective ways. 

First off, you should try out various foot exercises. Stretch and contract the muscles to increase flexibility and strength. You can try to press the toe against the floor for about 10 to 20 seconds while standing upright. Raise the toe for about 5 seconds and repeat the process. It might hurt at first, but you will get used to it. 

You can also stand on a towel and curl your toes around it. Hold the towel under your toes for a few seconds before stretching it out. You can repeat the process multiple times. 

3. Pepper and Anti-inflammatory Foods 

One of the significant complications associated with bunions is inflammation around the affected area. A practical solution to combat this condition’s effect is to take foods with anti-inflammatory properties. 

Pepper is a regular spice in food with rich anti-inflammatory properties. Red chili peppers do not only work for bunions when you eat them. You can apply them over the surface of the affected area. 

All you need to do is chop the pepper and squeeze out the juice. Apply vaseline or other heat creams and wrap a towel around it. Leave it for about fifteen minutes to ensure deep penetration of the heat. Alternatively, you can mix the pepper with olive oil and use it to massage the affected area for about fifteen minutes. 

Note that you should lower the amount of pepper if you feel any form of burning sensation. A healthy intake of various anti-inflammatory foods can help with the process. 

4. Castor Oil & Essential Oils 

Castor oils and other essential oils have tons of healing properties. They are also effective in the natural shrinking of bunions. Castor oil and other essential oils like olive oil contain antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. 

You can use these oils in the active treatment of bunions because they reduce pain and inflammation. If you want to apply castor oil, follow the process outlined below:

  • Heat it lightly in a pan and soak a soft cloth in it.
  • Use the fabric to wrap the bunion for about twenty minutes.
  • Repeat the process about twice daily until you feel significant relief. 

5. Bunion or Toe Correctors 

A significant way to remedy bunions is to return the distorted bone to its natural position. The bunion or toe corrector helps you to achieve this correction. It eliminates the risk of delayed healing that might arise due to regular shifting of the bone. 

All you need to do is find a toe corrector size that suits you. Most correctors are usually large enough, and you can easily adjust them to your size. 

6. Ice

Bunions can become painful, especially at full manifestation. One of the best ways to ease and soothe this pain is by applying ice to the affected area. It will also reduce inflammation and prevent the condition from getting worse. 

All you require for this treatment process are cubes of ice and a towel. Place the ice cubes around the infected parts of the bunions and hold them firm with the towel. Leave it on the spot for about twenty minutes but avoid pressing it too hard against the surface. 

Repeat the process at least once or twice daily till it gets better. This method might not give you instant relief, but it certainly helps it to get better over time. 

7. Bay Leaves 

Bay leaves are medicinal herbs with intense healing properties. These leaves are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making them helpful in shrinking bunions. 

Crush these bay leaves and add a suitable amount of water. Cook the mix for about five minutes and let it stand all through the night. Strain out the water and sip it. You can take it once or twice a day. You will feel a noticeable change in less than a week. 

If you want to use bay leaves topically, it is best to mix them with methylated spirit. You have to leave the crushed bay leaves in a methylated spirit for about a week. Strain out the water and gently apply it in areas around the bunions. 

8. Epsom Salts 

Epsom salt is another suitable option to shrink bunions naturally. It helps reduce inflammation and pain. It is effective for this purpose because it contains magnesium sulfate. 

The process of using Epsom salts for bunions is quite simple. All you need to do is dissolve a suitable amount of Epsom salt in hot water. Let the water temperature reduce to a point it cannot burn your skin before soaking your feet. 

Leave your feet inside it for about twenty minutes before you remove and dry with a towel. You can repeat the process twice a day till you have a noticeable relief. 

9. Watch Your Weight

Being overweight mounts lots of pressure on your leg and foot. When treating bunions is the wrong time to add weight. Adding more kilos will make the bunion hurt because it will raise the pressure around this area. 

It is not necessary to lose weight during this period. All you need to do is maintain your weight and avoid adding more.

Feel free to use the above solution in combination but know when to consult your doctor. It is also safer to use topical solutions rather than using unrecommended drugs.  

Causes and Risk Factors of Bunions 

Bunions are common among female adults. But it doesn’t mean it cannot occur in men or children. The vulnerability of adults is because the foot tends to spread as we age, and women are more prone due to the nature of shoes they wear. 

Below are some of the dominant causes of bunions;

  • Genetics and other hereditary factors 
  • Foot structure, shape, and size 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and other bone problems
  • Types of shoes and wearing shoes for prolonged hours 
  • General foot stress and specific foot injuries 
  • Deformities around the toe from birth 
  • Some neuromuscular conditions like polio 
  • Inflammatory disorders 

Complications That Can Result from Untreated Bunions 

You can mitigate your vulnerability to bunions by keeping these causes and risk factors in mind. Although bunions itself is not life-threatening, it can lead to some complications. These developments can be more uncomfortable and more painful. 

These complications include:

  1. Metatarsalgia: Metatarsalgia is a condition that triggers swelling and pain around the foot’s ball. This condition is more painful than bunions. It can damage your walking posture or prevent you from walking at all. 
  2. Bursitis: Bursitis is one of the most painful complications from bunions. It causes inflammation in the fluid pads that act as a cushion for toe bones around the joint. 
  3. Hammertoe: This hammertoe condition is the unusual bend that occurs at the middle joint of the affected toe. It is typical in the toe next to the big toe. It often results in intense pain due to the increased pressure on the bunions. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunions Treatment

Do you still need clarifications about certain aspects of bunions? You are not alone! This condition has extensive details, and most people never stop asking questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about shrinking bunions naturally. 

Is it safe to get rid of bunions through surgery? 

Yes! Getting rid of bunions through surgery is not life-threatening. The only problem with surgery is the cost and other surgery-related risks. 

Do bunion correctors work? 

Of course, a bunion corrector effectively restores the toe to the right shape. But it might not be an excellent way to cure or fix bunions. It only works best when you already feel good and only need to restore the foot to the right shape. 

Can bunions go away on their own? 

NO! bunions don’t disappear on their own. In fact, they can deteriorate and become more uncomfortable and painful. The case will worsen with age. 

Does non-surgical treatment of bunions correct deformity in the toe? 

Many non-surgical methods can help you get rid of bunions. But most of these methods will only get rid of pain and inflammation. They will leave the deformity on the toe. The only non-surgical way that might help with deformity is toe correctors. 

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

A bunion is a common condition among adults, particularly women. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Besides, it can deform the affected toe and limit your foot movement. The good news is that you can shrink bunions naturally without undergoing surgery. 

Feel free to use one or more compatible non-surgical methods above. The toe corrector can also help you to take care of deformity. But you must know when to consult your doctor for professional medical attention. 

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