How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach: The Ultimate Guide


Everyone wants a blemish-free body, especially given that we live in a world where appearance counts for a lot. 

Cellulite is one of the skin conditions that can affect everyone, particularly women. This condition has no regard for body shape, skin color, or body size. 

Although cellulite on the body is normal and does not pose any health risks, most people prefer to get rid of it. In cases where that isn’t possible, many will put in the effort to make it less noticeable. 

Cellulite can be found in various parts of the body and the stomach is one of the most vulnerable locations especially if you gain weight. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to tackle cellulite on the stomach; perfect skin and a healthy body is everyone’s dream anyway. 

So, are you struggling to eliminate cellulite on your stomach? 

You are not alone, as we share in your worries. This article will take you through natural and safe ways of getting rid of cellulite on the stomach. 

What is Cellulite? 

First off, it is essential to precisely understand what cellulite means to be sure of the condition. 

So, what is cellulite? 

Cellulite is a dimpled skin that looks like an orange peel. It is a noticeable body fat deposit beneath the skin. Cellulite can be found on various parts of the body, including the buttocks, hips, thighs, and stomach (general areas with high fatty tissues). 

Cellulite is not limited to a particular body type. It can manifest in anyone regardless of body shape, size, weight, color, or sex. 

As stated earlier, cellulite itself on the stomach does not pose any health risk. It only indicates excessive fat deposits under the skin. 

Common Causes of Cellulite on the Stomach

Identifying the root cause of a problem will provide better insight into the solution. Let’s take a quick look at the common causes of cellulite on the stomach before exploring how to get rid of it. 

The primary cause of cellulite is the deposit of fatty tissue deep in the skin. These tissues consequently press up against the connective tissues. 

However, this sequence of action is triggered by certain conditions. Below are some of the common causes of cellulite on the stomach.

  • Age: Cellulite becomes noticeable in individuals, particularly women, as they age. This condition becomes apparent as the skin becomes thinner with age. It is more common in individuals in their 30s and above.
  • Diet: Diet affects most of the health conditions in humans, and cellulite is not an exception. Lack of rich antioxidants, plant foods, and water can cause the skin to lose collagen. Loss of collagen in the body will make cellulite more apparent.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy in women causes a lot of hormonal and body changes. Increased weight and protruded stomach during this period can cause the body to develop cellulite. Likewise, an increase in the estrogen level can also cause trigger cellulite to appear.
  • Family History: Although there is no proof that cellulite on the stomach is genetic, there is a higher vulnerability for individuals with a family history. If your parents have cellulite, there is a high probability that you will have a similar condition at an earlier age.
  • Weight Fluctuations: A lot of factors cause weight fluctuations. Regardless of its cause, extreme weight gain and weight loss can cause the skin to stretch. Thus, leading to the accumulation of larger fat cells beneath the skin.
  • Inflammation: The effect of inflammation on cellulite is similar to that of weight fluctuations. It can also affect the body’s connective tissue to enhance the rise of cellulite. 

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on the Stomach

If you genuinely want to address cellulite on the stomach, you can achieve some impressive results. Despite its prevalence, you don’t have to let cellulite dictate how confident you are in your body. You won’t even have to use harsh chemicals to treat it. 

However, you shouldn’t be carried away with the glamorous adverts of various products that claim to help you eliminate cellulite. Have it at the back of your mind that you can only try. 

No method, product, or chemicals can guarantee the complete removal of cellulite.

Likewise, you have to be consistent with whichever method you choose, but the use of harsh chemical products is never advisable.

Diminishing the appearance of cellulite will not happen overnight. It takes time and effort. 

But you can do it!

Below are some practical and safe ways to target cellulite on the stomach. 

  • Exercise: Exercise and strength training are some of the best ways to rid yourself of cellulite. Since cellulite results from the excess deposition of belly fat, regular exercises will help in weight loss. You can use various cardiovascular exercises to get rid of this condition. Increasing the intensity of these cardiovascular exercises as you grow stronger will help a lot.

Some of the activities that can help you get effective results include; jogging, running, swimming, bike riding, dancing, rowing, and working out on an elliptical machine. 

You can also try movements like planks, side planks, dead bug lifts, crunches, and bicycle crunches.

  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is also useful in getting rid of cellulite. It will make cellulite unnoticeable. It works by tightening the skin around the stomach and improving the blood flow. It also thickens the skin and can reduce the appearance of fatty tissue to make cellulite less dimply.
  • Eat Healthy Diet: Eating skin-friendly foods is a passive way of getting rid of cellulite. Anti-inflammatory nutrition and foods rich in antioxidants will reduce inflammation and tighten the skin. Drinking enough water will also prevent dehydration that can make stomach cellulite noticeable. 
  • Exfoliate Skin With Coffee: A homemade coffee scrub can be effective for taking down cellulite. Applying the scrub will generally help you improve the appearance of your skin. 
  • Use Body Wraps: Body wraps usually contain essential oils that are beneficial to the skin. Heated body wraps accompanied by precise and professional massage will help you see to your cellulite problem in a few days.

Other effective treatment of cellulite includes;

  • Subcision
  • Vacuum-assisted tissue release
  • Acoustic wave therapy

Effective Ways to Mask Cellulite 

If you don’t have the time or can’t muster the energy to kickstart a new exercise regime or don’t have the money for expensive treatments, you might settle with masking the cellulite on your stomach.

While of course this is just a temporary solution, covering up cellulite is effective if you just need a quick fix for a trip to the beach or a poolside party.

So, what are the best short term solutions for cellulite on the stomach?

Flush it Out

Hands-down one of the best things you can do for your body is keep it hydrated.

Just like a car without fuel, a body without water isn’t going to serve you well, so it’s essential that you keep your H2O levels up.

What’s more, did you know that drinking water can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of cellulite?

If you make sure to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you’ll likely find that your cellulite is a lot less noticeable. 

Bathing in hot water is another quick way to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and it’s a great pre-party or beach day trick.

Simply take a hot bath or shower a few hours before you leave the house, and it should work wonders for your skin – at least temporarily.

Dry Brush

Another technique to try out if you’re feeling self-conscious about your stomach cellulite before a social commitment is to start dry brushing your skin.

Using a body brush with natural fibers you can stimulate blood flow beneath the skin, which should reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Follow this up with a hot shower and your body confidence should skyrocket.

Spray Tan

A good old-fashioned spray tan can be a wonderful way to bring a sparkle to your skin and mask any unsightly cellulite.

If you decide to use spray tan, make sure to use one that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone and apply it evenly.

The last thing you want to do is draw even more attention to your stomach area by applying a disproportionate amount of spray tan there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cellulite

Do you need more clarification? Below are some of the frequently asked questions about cellulite. 

What foods cause cellulite on the stomach? 

The primary category of foods that might enhance the presence of cellulite on the stomach is junk foods. These foods include cheese, pizza, refined carbs, processed meats, and other sugary snacks and beverages. 

Can drinking water reduce cellulite? 

Drinking water is a low-cost and a passive option for reducing cellulite. It helps you to stay hydrated, which is helpful for the skin. 

Can I be skinny and still have cellulite? 

Of course! You can be skinny and still struggle with cellulite. It merely means you are skinny fat because you have more fat than muscle mass. 

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

Having cellulite on the skin is not a life-threatening condition. It can happen to anybody, anytime. 

There are ways to free yourself from cellulite or make it less noticeable, to say the least—natural methods like exercises for weight loss and drinking water to stay hydrated work well. 

It is equally essential to avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin. 

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Wellness Nova Team

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