Homemade Wraps to Lose Weight (DIY Weight Loss)


Body wraps might sound modern, but the history of body wraps can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greek cultures. However, the use of body wraps is now gaining more attention in recent times. Research in the cosmetic and body care industry is further harnessing the potency and benefits of body wraps. 

Toxins have various ways to get into our bodies. They get into the body through what we eat, drink, the air we breathe, and so on. You are right to think the liver and kidneys help us to get rid of these toxic compounds. Of course, they do, but do you know more toxins hide around and beneath your skin than these organs can process? Now you know!

Most excess toxins in the skin and body are stored in individual fat cells and interstitial fluid beneath the skin layers. Various factors like aging, lack of exercise, low diet, dehydration, and high salt or sugar content can facilitate this buildup. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry. Body wraps contain active ingredients that can help you to get rid of these toxins. 

Do you know what body wraps are? Or you have little or no knowledge about them? Let’s take no chance! This article will help you understand the concept of body wraps and teach you how to make homemade wraps to lose weight. 

What are Body Wraps? 

Body wraps are not just regular sheets or clothes. They are specially made sheets that contain specific natural ingredients and herbs. These sheets are often from plastic or linen and are wrapped around the body to achieve a particular purpose. These sheets’ ingredients help it perform specific functions, including detoxification, general healing, and removal of excess fats and fluid from the body. 

Some people will talk about body wraps as some ancient magic. This speculation might be conceptually correct because it indeed works like magic if you use the right ingredients. Good body wraps will force sweats and toxic fluids out of your body without moving an inch. Likewise, it can help you lose some inches by dissolving stubborn fats and forcing them out. As potent as body wraps are, it is essential to use the best natural ingredients. 

Do you have to break the bank before you get a perfect or effective body wrap? Of course not! You don’t have to visit the best spa or hospital before acquiring or using the best body wrap. The ingredients for making a suitable body wrap for various skin types might be in your kitchen wardrobe staring at you. 

Homemade body wraps are just as effective as and safer than any other type of body wraps. Homemade body wraps are cheaper, safer, and you can customize them to give you a precise effect. And of course, you don’t need any professional to help you get it done. It would be best if you are not tempted to get a premade body wrap kit. Some premade body wrap kits contain synthetic ingredients that might not be so gentle on your skin. 

What’s stopping you from making your homemade body wraps for weight loss? Ingredients or how to make it yourself? You will find the right information to help you through the entire process in this article. 

Ingredients for Making Homemade Body Wraps

You must understand that all the ingredients for your homemade body wraps are a hundred percent natural. Each of these ingredients has specific roles in the effectiveness and functionality of your body wraps. Below are some of the essential elements for various types of body wraps. 

Sea Salts 

Sea salt is one of the vital ingredients for body wraps. The primary role of sea salts is to act as an exfoliator. It helps to remove dead skin, dirt, and debris from the skin surface. Also, it helps to revitalize the skin and improve overall blood circulation. 


Clay is another natural ingredient that plays a vital role in the functionality of body wraps. The type of clay for this purpose is powdered clay. It will only be ready for use after mixing it with the appropriate amount of water. The primary function of clay is to draw out impurities and other toxins from the body. The common types of clay useful in body wraps are pink kaolin clay, bentonite clay, and yellow kaolin clay. 

The type of clay to use for your body wrap is dependent on your skin type. Yellow kaolin and pink kaolin are suitable for dry and normal skin. They are ideal for dry skin because they don’t have absorbent properties. On the other hand, Bentonite clay is perfect for oily skin because it has oil absorbent properties. Likewise, this type of clay has a better ability to help you remove dead skin and act as an exfoliant. 


Oil and skin are usually like a ring on the finger. However, not all types of oil are right for your skin. The suitable oils for various skin types include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, flaxseed oil, and other essential oils. Oils generally help moisturize your skin and act as a carrier agent for other ingredients—some specific oil types help solve water retention problems. 

Epsom Salt 

Epsom salt might appear like sea salt, but their roles are quite different. Epsom salts are soluble magnesium sulfate crystals, specifically useful in therapeutic body wraps. The primary function of this salt is to restore magnesium levels, increase energy, and relieve stress. Similarly, Epsom salts will help to reduce the effect of adrenaline and improve nerve functions. It achieves these by raising the serotonin level (a relaxing hormone) once absorbed into the skin. 

Sea Vegetables 

The common sea vegetables that are suitable for body wraps include kelp and other seaweeds. Aside from their role in keeping healthy skin, sea vegetables contain vitamins A, C, B, E, D, and K. It also includes carotenes and iodine that helps the body. Other beneficial minerals in sea vegetables include manganese, magnesium, copper, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, and zinc. 

You will get all these benefits from seaweed powder as long as it is all-natural and adequately prepared. The primary role of sea vegetables in body wraps is to draw toxins from the lymphatic glands and force them out. Likewise, it will help with the skin’s revitalization, improve blood flow, and restore its elasticity. 

Other notable ingredients of homemade body wraps include;

  • Fennel seed 
  • Ginger root 
  • Whole milk powder 
  • Goat’s milk powder 
  • Organic apple cider vinegar 
  • Chamomile herbal tea
  • Exfoliating agents 

However, it is best to understand your skin type to know the best ingredient mix. Likewise, the type of body wrap you want to make will also determine the ingredients to use. 

Types of Body Wraps 

There are three basic types of body wraps, and each of them performs specific roles. All of them are beneficial for the body, but you can choose the style that best suits your purposes. 

Hydration Wrap 

Hydration wrap helps with weight or inch loss and also detoxifies the body. The ingredients in this wrap draw out toxins from the body through lymphatic drainage. It can result in noticeable weight loss if the body has an extra amount of fat buildup.

Dehydration Wrap 

Dehydration wrap will help you lose a significant amount of water from your body if you feel bloated. It eliminates water from the body and produces a result that is similar to regular exercises. 

Pampering Wrap

Pampering wrap is more like an advanced massage. It helps you to ease stress and moisturize your skin. You will get practically the same feeling as expensive spas with homemade pampering wraps. 

Homemade Body Wraps for Weight Loss That Works 

Here are some homemade body wraps that work pretty well, their ingredients, and how to make them. 

Skinny Tight Jean Wrap 

Skinny tight jean body wraps are primarily for weight loss. It can replace your rigorous exercises and help you get rid of some extra pounds. Another advantage of this body wrap is that it is relatively cheap, even compared to other homemade body wraps. 


  • One cup of bentonite clay powder
  • Two cups of green tea (to replace water)
  • Two drops of specific diuretic essential oil (Examples of such essential oils are grapefruit oil, rosemary oil, and geranium oil). 


STEP 1: Mix Your Ingredients in a Bowl

The first step is to mix all your ingredients in a bowl in the right proportion. Remember that you are using bentonite clay. So, you shouldn’t mix your ingredients in a metal bowl for safety reasons. 

STEP 2: Apply the mix

Next, apply the mix all over your lower body and cover it with plastic wraps or bandages. If your skin is sensitive, you can use latex-free stretchable bandages. Remember, the concept of body wraps is about getting hot and sweaty. Therefore, the tighter you keep it, the better. 

STEP 3: Cover-Up

After applying the mix to your body and wrapping it up, cover yourself up in a blanket. Relax in this position for about an hour before taking your bath. However, it is best to watch out for the point where you get too uncomfortable. 

Cellulite Body Wrap 

The primary role of a cellulite body wrap is to help you eliminate stubborn fats and rejuvenate the body. Likewise, regular use of this warp will prevent butt pimples. 


  • Two drops of essential oil
  • Three tablespoons of carrier oil
  • One cup of powdered seaweed 
  • Two cups of warm coffee (In place of warm water) 


STEP 1: Mix Up

Mix your ingredients in a suitable bowl until you have a marshy mud-like paste.

STEP 2: Smear 

Smear the paste all over the lower half of your body. Make sure that you don’t miss any spot. 

STEP 3: Wrap Up

Wrap yourself in plastic, and then wrap in a plastic bag again to increase the heat. You can immerse the bandage in warm water before use to improve its hydration. Keep the blanket on top of yourself for about an hour. Take a warm (not hot) shower after an hour.

Epsom Salt Detox Body Wrap

Epsom salt detox body wraps are suitable for skins sensitive to bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Epsom salt is friendly on the skin, and it helps with body detoxification as much as it helps with weight loss. 


  • One cup of Epsom salt 
  • Two drops of essential oil (rosemary oil)
  • Four cups of pure warm water 
  • Three tablespoons of carrier oil
  • A sheet you don’t mind throwing away after the process


  • Mix the Epsom salt with four cups of warm water. You can also use a tea mixture to enhance weight loss. 
  • Let the Epsom salt dissolve before soaking the sheet. Ensure that the sheet is only warm and not too hot. 
  • Mix the oils and massage gently on your body.
  • Wrap up your body in a soaked sheet leaving out only your head and hands. Keep the sheet around your body by wrapping plastic around it. Keep it together with a bandage. 
  • Keep this warmth for about an hour and naturally sweat out these toxins. 
  • Take your bath after an hour, and ensure that you properly rinse off the salt and other ingredients. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Homemade Wraps to Lose Weight

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about homemade wraps to lose weight. 

Does homemade body wrap work? 

Yes, body wraps are as effective as those you will spend a lot of money on in spas and other massage centers. It uses natural ingredients and will give you the desired result based on your ingredient combination. 

Can body wraps help you to lose weight permanently?  

Body wraps are not magical weight absorbers. Although you will notice a reduction in your body size after use, this reduction is temporary because it results from water loss. 

Are homemade body wraps safe? 

Of course! Homemade body wraps are safer than most other synthetic body wraps because they use only natural ingredients. 

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

As much as we claim to love our bodies, there is always room for improvement. In fact, you can’t love your body when you have too many toxins beneath your skin. You don’t have money for expensive spa body wraps? No problem. 

The homemade body wraps above are just as effective. Ensure that you get the best ingredients, and you duly follow the steps above. You can also explore other mixes; make sure you are precise about your ingredients. 

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Wellness Nova Team

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