15 Potent Herbs for Faster Weight Gain


In this world where weight loss is most people’s dream, weight gain ambition might sound like fiction. Not everyone has enough weight to shed. Some people desire to move from a skinny body to a bigger one. People can decide to gain weight for many reasons. One of these reasons is slow or low metabolic rates. Some individuals find themselves not eating enough, and they cannot help it. 

Being underweight comes with its challenges. Besides intimidation and other physical factors, it also includes some health implications. Weight gain is just as difficult as weight loss. But unlike weight loss, you won’t find the solution to weight gain so easily. Overeating or feeding on junk isn’t a sure way of adding weight. It is best to seek ways to put on weight while staying healthy. 

Do you wish to gain weight without much hassle? Do you desire a chemical-free method with little or no risks? Consider adding some healthy herbs to your diet for weight loss. 

Causes of Underweight and Unwanted Weight Loss

You can only face the challenge of getting on some weight if you are underweight. But it is best to figure out the causes before seeking practical solutions. A lot of things can fuel your desire to gain weight. 

So let’s quickly talk about some of the reasons why you might be underweight:

1. Genetics 

Our genes control almost everything about our body system and growth. Genetics expresses the traits we inherit from our parents and family line. People underweight at puberty mostly feature a gene that causes this condition. The people in this category often have a high metabolic rate. So, they burn off their food quickly without storing enough fat. Also, they have a low appetite and crave less food. 

2. Hyperactivity or High Physical Activeness

Hyperactivity is another reason why some people find it difficult to gain weight. Do you know why it is a problem? High physical activities are one of the methods of weight loss. Hyperactivity increases the rate of metabolic reaction and helps to burn off calories. It increases the body’s demand for energy. So, the body complements this energy demand with the stored fat. 

3. Unhealthy Diet 

Diet is like a two-faced sword. A regulated healthy diet can help you gain weight as much as it helps to lose it. It is just about choosing the suitable diet combination for the side you want. 

An unhealthy diet also follows the same path. Feeding on junk won’t automatically help with your weight gain quest. So, it is best to filter your diet and choose ones that favor weight gain. 

4. Psychological Complications 

Yes! You read that right! A psychological complication is another reason some people are underweight. Psychological disturbance can even cause people with average weight to lose it drastically. 

The reason is simple. Psychology affects hormonal coordination, and its disturbance can lead to fluctuations. These hormones affect body metabolism. Besides, it suppresses appetite and reduces your food intake. The combination of these two conditions can cause severe calorie burning. 

5. Lack of Sleep

Lack of proper rest or sleep can reduce body organs’ adequate functioning. You can be underweight if you don’t give your body enough rest time. 

6. Medications 

Are you surprised to find it on this list? Yes, some medications can cause you to lose some calories. It can result from the drug’s side effects like nausea and vomiting.

Other causes of underweight can include smoking, alcohol, and hard drugs. 

Herbs for Weight Gain 

The use of natural methods is the best way to tackle health problems. This principle also applies in the case of weight gain.

Using herbs is one of the most potent chemical-free ways of gaining weight. It has several advantages over other means. Besides the fact that it is safe, it is also effective. Using these herbs comes with minimal risk. This method isn’t expensive, and it won’t cost you much. 

Here are some of the most potent herbs that can help you with weight gain;

1. Gentian

Gentian roots are an ancient herb that is useful for those that intend to gain weight. It is a good herb for those dealing with unwanted weight loss.

It works by increasing appetite and helping the body with food absorption. It achieves this by improving bile flow and aiding gastric sensation. The major challenge with this herb is that it is very bitter. But don’t forget that most bitter herbs help you to eat better! 

2. Ginger 

Ginger is a common herb with loads of health benefits. Interestingly, it is one of those herbs that can help with good weight gain. It is useful for curing various gastrointestinal complications. 

Ginger can help to deal with conditions like nausea and stomach upset. It is also useful for mitigating the effect of dyspepsia. You can also get rid of poor appetite with regulated ginger intake. It also helps you keep your digestive tract active and prepares it for food intake. 

3. Dandelion Roots 

Dandelion roots are a popular herbal root. It has been proving to be one of the most trusted herbs for the past decade. It is common among women to counter unwanted weight loss. It works by increasing your appetite. You will also benefit from its dense nutrients. This herb is most popular among pregnant women who want a balanced weight. 

4. Blessed Thistle 

Blessed thistles might be less common than others on this list, but it is equally effective. Over the past decades, the blessed thistle is helpful as a black tonic to boost appetite. It also improves digestion and helps individuals who need to gain weight. It is worth your try because it is effective and offers other nutrients. 

5. Chamomile 

Chamomile might be famous for producing one of the best essential oils. It is also helpful for those struggling to add weight. This plant is renowned for its ability to increase appetite. Chamomile and its extracts help the body to maximize food intake. Like other herbs on this list, it does not pose any significant risk. 

6. Chen Pi 

Chen Pi might not be as familiar as other herbs, but it is one of the most potent herbs for weight gain. It is a supplement from dried citrus peel. This herb can help to increase appetite and aid the digestive system. It can act as a relaxant and improve your food cravings. 

Chen Pi has properties that help it provide fast relief for abdominal distention. It can also act as a stimulant and help treat dyspepsia. 

7. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is a potent herb that is native to India. It is famous for its rich nutrients and ability to substitute for various supplements. This herb works by eliminating factors that can suppress appetite. 

Ashwagandha helps to handle and relieve stress. It is useful for managing fatigue, lack of energy, and proper diet. So, it improves the body’s functionality and helps to retain weight. You will undoubtedly add some weight when using this herb with a healthy and proper diet. 

8. Zeek 

Do you want a potent herb that is not too bitter? You have it right here! Zeek is famous for its loads of healthy nutrients and vitamins. It is also helpful for reducing cholesterol levels. 

So, while dreaming of weight gain, you don’t have to deal with the problems of storing bad fat. Illnesses can induce weight loss, but Zeek helps you to stay healthy. It boosts your immune system and enhances body functionality. 

9. Pippali 

Pippali is another viable herb for weight gain, and it works by boosting basal metabolic rate. This herb increases your cravings for food. So, it helps you take up enough calories to trigger weight gain. 

10. Vidarikand 

Vidarikand is one of the most beneficial herbs for weight gain. Besides helping you gain weight, it is a nutritious herb. It contains minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients. 

11. Custard Apple 

Custard apple is a useful herb for weight gain. It has lots of benefits, including its ability to help you gain moderate weight. It works by counteracting anorexia, which can help you gain weight. 

It also reduces excessive body heat and provides a cooling impact. High body heat can affect the body’s metabolism and force you to lose more calories than expected. 

12. Shatavari 

Are you losing your appetite over a bad mood, stress, or exhaustion? Consider using the Shatavari herb. It mitigates body tension and boosts physical energy. So, this herb helps to elevate your mood and induce hunger. 

13. Licorice 

Licorice is another beneficial herb. It is not only useful for weight gain, but it is also ideal for keeping the body healthy. It improves the body’s immune system and prevents illnesses that can result in unwanted weight loss. 

14. Saunf 

Do you wish to rekindle your appetite? Saunf might be the best herb option for you to consider. This herb influences your digestive system by inducing hunger sensation. It also aids proper body absorption of food. 

15. Musli 

Musli is another potent herb that can eliminate physical and psychological stress. It boosts physical performance and aids immune functionality. And yes, it is less bitter than most other herbs. 

Gaining Weight in a Balanced Way 

The goal is not only to add a few pounds to the body. It is vital to ensure you are gaining weight the right way. Unhealthy weight gain can result in more significant complications than being underweight. 

It is essential to understand why you are underweight. Knowing the reason for your underweight will guide you in deciding the best solution. Regardless of the cause of your weight loss, there are some general precautions to note. They include;

  • Avoid getting the bulk of your calories from industrially processed food.
  • Explore more natural sources for your nutrients and supplements.
  • Ensure that you have enough appetite to follow your meal and prescription. 
  • Treat any digestive or food absorption problems.
  • Seek professional medical advice if you cannot figure out the reason for your weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Gain

Weight gain and weight loss issues are quite common among many individuals. Do you need further clarifications about weight gain and the use of herbs? Below are some frequently asked questions about weight gain;

Can home exercises and workouts help to gain weight? 

Yes, home workouts and exercises can help you to gain weight. They allow you to build muscles and add a little flesh. Some activities for weight gain at home include bench presses and yoga fitness. 

Does food help with weight gain?

Of course! Healthy and natural foods contain all the essential nutrients you need to gain weight. Most individuals’ primary problem is a lack of appetite for a proper meal. Some of the foods that help with weight gain include protein supplements, red meat, milk, nuts, etc. 

Can I gain weight without getting fat? 

Weight gain and getting fat are two different things entirely. So, if you take a proper diet, it is possible to add weight without getting fat. Consider taking more protein-rich foods than fat-rich foods. 

But it is best to understand the filling nature of the protein. Excessive protein intake can suppress appetite and keep you full for a longer time. 

Can I gain weight and still retain my flat tummy?

Yes! Adding weight does not mean you will lose your body shape or blow out of proportion. So, you can retain your flat tummy as you gain weight. But it is best to take some precautions if you don’t want to take any chances. 

PRO TIP: Ensure that you include various physical exercises as you gain weight. It is also best to take more fibers, increase protein intake, and limit refined carbs. Staying away from fatty foods can also help. 

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

People lose weight or are underweight due to several reasons. There is nothing wrong if you want to add a few pounds. The only demand is to ensure that you gain weight the right way. 

The use of functional herbs alongside a proper diet is your best shot! It is very effective and comes with little or no risks. Feel free to try out this solution, and don’t forget to share your experience. 

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