10 Calming Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress


Today we’re counting down the best essential oils for anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal human body response to stressful and tense situations. It is characterized by fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and tiredness. But anxiety can become a problem when it becomes excessive. When this happens, it can be an indicator of an underlying disease. It can also be a result of hormonal imbalance. Extreme anxiety can negatively affect an individual’s everyday life and result in restless. 

Like other health conditions, there are natural ways to treat anxiety. The use of essential oils is one of the best methods of managing this condition. Essential oils are extracted liquids from plants, fruits, and flowers. These liquids are scented and are useful for aromatherapy. Examples of essential oils include clove oil, tea tree, and peppermint oil. 

Aromatherapy using essential oils can relieve stress and anxiety. There are several types of essential oils, and most of them are suitable for treating anxiety. Do you need effective essential oils to treat anxiety? This guide will take you through some of these natural remedies and their use for anxiety. 

Let’s roll!

Top 10 Essential Oils for Anxiety

Here are some effective essential oils to treat anxiety; 

1. Chamomile 

Chamomile is one of the most effective essential oils for anxiety. It is a daisy-like herb extracted from plants via distillation. This oil is sweet-smelling and fruity. 

Massaging an individual with chamomile oil can help with relaxation and anxiety treatment. It is well-known for its sedating and relaxing properties. You can use this oil in mild or diluted form to treat anxiety. 

2. Ylang Ylang 

Ylang Ylang might not be one of the most popular oils for general use. But it is a versatile oil for treating mild anxiety disorder. This flora-scented essential oil is beneficial for aromatherapy, and it aids relaxation. 

You can mix Ylang Ylang with other essential oils to enhance its performance for anxiety. Inhaling a blend of lavender, Ylang Ylang, and bergamot can lower stress and relieve tension. Also, it helps to regulate blood pressure and serum cortisol. 

3. Frankincense 

Frankincense essential oil is known for its sweet and musky aroma, and it is one of the most effective oils for aromatherapy. This essential oil is from the resin of the Boswellia tree. Massaging diluted Frankincense oil on the hands, feet, and other body parts relieves stress. It also mitigates anxiety. 

Frankincense oil also combines well with other essential oils to enhance its effectiveness. A blend of Frankincense with lavender and bergamot mixes perfectly to improve anxiety disorder. It is also useful for relieving pain and depression in people that are suffering from terminal cancer. 

4. Rose 

Rose essential oil is another valuable option for managing anxiety. It is made from rose petals, and the oil retains the delightful flora scent of its parent plant. This scent is reputable for relaxing senses and mitigating the effects of anxiety disorder. 

Rose essential oil’s aromatherapy is useful when you use it for a footbath. You can use it by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water mixed with the rose essential oil. You can also add it to your regular unscented moisturizer like Shea butter. Then after the addition, you can massage the mixture on your skin. 

Soaking feet in warm water with rose essential oil reduces anxiety in pregnant women during delivery. 

5. Bergamot 

Bergamot is a versatile essential oil. It is extracted from bergamot oranges, and it is beneficial to humans. This oil has a characteristic refreshing citrus scent. All you need to do is add a few drops of bergamot oil in a handkerchief or cotton ball. 

Inhaling the soothing aroma twice or three times helps you to relieve stress. But you must be careful while using bergamot essential oil. Topical application of the oil can increase sun sensitivity. 

6. Geranium oil 

Geranium oil is from the Geranium plant. The potency and power of this oil are in its scent. This essential oil reduces anxiety and lowers the possibility of depression. It also reduces blood pressure. For pregnant women, inhaling geranium oil can help reduce stress during labor. 

You use geranium oil by inhalation. All you need to do is add one or two drops of this oil to a cotton ball or handkerchief. Place it under your nose and inhale a few times. The effect is relaxing and soothing. 

7. Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm is a valuable option for relieving anxiety. The power of this natural remedy is in its uplifting and fresh aroma. It is reputable for the treatment of anxiety disorder. It offers a soothing and therapeutic effect; hence, it is one of the most trusted oils for aromatherapy. 

There are two ways you can use lemon balm. You can add it in drops to a handkerchief or cotton ball and inhale a few times directly. Alternatively, you can add it to a diffuser and let it spread over the room for indirect inhalation. 

8. Holy Basil 

Holy Basil is otherwise called tulsi. It is one of the most potent members of the tulsi family suitable for the treatment of disorders. Holy Basil contains a characteristic compound called eugenol, and it gives this essential oil a minty and spicy aroma. Holy Basil shows excellent prospects in the treatment of both physical and mental stress.

Inhaling Holy Basil might be too much because of its concentrated fragrance. The best way to use it is to add one or two drops to a diffuser. You can inhale it indirectly as the scent disperses around the room. 

9. Lavender 

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils. Its popularity is due to its health benefits, including its use for treating anxiety disorders. Lavender oil helps with anxiety disorders by impacting the limbic system. The limbic system is a part of the brain that controls emotions. 

You can add lavender oil to unscented bath gel to have a relaxing bath. Or add one or two drops to your warm bathing water. 

10. Jasmine Oil 

Jasmine oil is unique for its romantic and beautiful flora scent. Jasmine oil helps in anxiety disorder treatment. It also calms your nervous system without making you feel dizzy. 

You can use Jasmine oil by inhaling it once or twice directly from the bottle. You can also add it to a diffuser and let it fill the room, and inhale indirectly. 

Other Health Benefits of Essential Oils 

The health benefits of essential oils are not limited to anxiety disorders alone. They also have other uses. Here are some other benefits of essential oils. 

  • Essential oils help to mitigate headaches and migraines.
  • They reduce inflammation.
  • These oils help to manage insomnia and sleep disorder.
  • They have antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. 
  • Essential oils are useful for maintaining skin health. 


Essential oils are one of the trusted natural remedies for many health challenges. Anxiety disorders might look mild, but they can cause significant problems if you don’t take prompt actions. The use of essential oils is effective for treating anxiety disorders with little or no side effects. 

The list above includes some of the most effective essential oils for anxiety. But you can also find other oils like clove oil, tea tree, and peppermint oil for anxiety and other purposes. Feel free to explore! 

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