best guided meditations for sleep and anxiety
Lack of sleep often goes hand in hand with anxiety. If left unattended for a long time, this can lead to several health problems alongside higher risks for diseases.  Anxiety can also interfere with your daily life, disrupting your focus on work, school, and other activities. On the other

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Why Diets Don’t Work
We’ve all heard the saying, “Short-term pain for long-term gain.” Well, when it comes to dieting, the opposite seems to be true. Though our efforts often pay off in the short-term, most of us regain back all the weight we started with (and sometimes more) over the long run.

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Health Benefits of Seeds
Don’t let their small size fool you; seeds are nutritional powerhouses! Each of these tiny embryonic plants is jam-packed with rich concentrations of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils that are essential to health and vitality. Here are six seeds to add to your diet: Chia Seeds Not only

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Health Benefits of Honey
We all know honey makes a naturally delicious sweetener, but did you know it also contains powerful antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that deliver an endless range of health benefits? Health Benefits of Honey People have long relied on the rich golden liquid to: Soothe Throat Irritation Honey’s antimicrobial
Plant-based Proteins
Let’s count down the best plant-based proteins to have in your diet. The twenty first century is an amazing time to be alive. People have never been more health conscious than they are now, and as a result there are a seemingly infinite number of supplements coming out every

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Benefits of a Plant-based Diet
Today we’re counting down the top benefits of a plant-based diet. Eating a plant-based diet means cutting out processed and refined foods, and eating little to no animal products. It’s a lifestyle led by people who are passionate about healthy choices and about a healthy environment. There is extensive

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Best massage gun for the price
Best Massage Gun for the Price A device that offers percussive therapy in a conveniently compact design, the massage gun is a powerful tool for speeding up muscle recovery. If you feel like your muscles are always sore, and you’re tired of aching throughout the day, then it’s worth

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Wellness Nova - Vegan Collagen
The substance known as collagen is produced in the body by animals and has been used for thousands of years as a health aid. Because humans are animals, the human body produces collagen, although this process slows down as we get older. This breakdown is the reason skin starts

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