Essential Oils for Cold Sores
Do you have blisters like wound openings around your mouth? Or have you had them in the past? That’s a cold sore! The symptoms of cold sores can be painful, itchy, and embarrassing. So, it is often desirable to get rid of it in the best way. Essential oils

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How To Shrink Bunions Naturally
Do you notice any unusual swelling around the external surface of your big toe? Do you know what bunions are, or you need clarifications? Either way, you have your answers right in this guide. Surgery is not the only way to get rid of bunions.  There are a number

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Essential Oils for Fever
Fever is a common health problem, and most people seek the easiest way to tackle it. Essential oils are liquid extracts from various plants. They are healthy, active, and potent against many health complications. Essential oils have healing properties, and they are helpful in the treatment of fever. Besides

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Can You Eat Too Many Blueberries
Blueberries, like many other fruits, are highly nutritious. This fruit is native to South America but now grows in many parts of the world. The blue-colored fruit is a good source of antioxidants and vitamins. It is also rich in dietary fibers, minerals, flavonoids, and other compounds.  Blueberries are

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head and shoulders doesn't work
When you experience dandruff, the first line of defense for many people is the popular over-the-counter shampoo Head and Shoulders. This brand promises to fight dandruff and prevent a dry and itchy scalp. Anti-dandruff shampoos use chemical ingredients or natural botanicals.  Head and Shoulders is a popular treatment for

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