Best Essential Oils for Lungs
Strengthening our immune systems has always been a healthcare goal. But now more than ever, there seems to be an increased focus on respiratory health and lung care.  It’s no secret that living smoke-free and breathing clean air will do a world of good in preventing respiratory illnesses. But

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Ayurveda is an Indian medical practice that champions the use of natural ingredients and pseudoscientific systems. It’s one of the oldest systems of medicine rooted in Hinduism.  The practice uses diet, massage, yogic practices, and herbal treatments to balance bodily functions and treat ailments. It is also widely used

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Turmeric is a golden-colored spice that is commonly used in Indian cooking. It is also what helps mustard have the golden hue that we’re used to. It is an old spice that has been used for centuries in cooking.   It’s now living a new life as a health benefit

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Juicing recipes for constipation
Do you feel congestion in your colon? Constipation is a common condition that can happen to anybody, anytime. The name “constipation” is from the Latin word “Constipatus.” This Latin word means to cram or to pack together.  So, constipation is an uneasy condition where the colon feels packed or

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Sore muscles can happen to anybody, especially after workouts or hectic days. This condition can derail the rest of your day after morning exercises, and it can also prevent you from having a good night’s sleep after a restless day. Most over-the-counter drugs might not do the trick.  The

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Canker sores are usually painful and undesirable. They are wounds in the sensitive parts of the mouth. These sores are painful, and they can rob you of the joy of eating. But canker sore is a problem with remedy. One of the best home remedies for this condition is

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Cortisol Manager review
Why Should You Trust Integrative Therapeutics? Integrative Therapeutics is a clinician-led supplement brand that prides itself on producing high-quality supplements using only the very best ingredients. Since medical professionals design the supplements, you can be sure that they are backed by science, unlike many other brands that make unsubstantiated

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what essential oils are good for sinus infections
We all get congested from time to time, and it can seem like there’s no remedy. When your sinuses are clogged, you can find it hard to breathe, and your quality of life may suffer, but essential oils could help ease your sinus infection. There are several essential oils

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Wellness Nova - how to make cabbage juice without a juicer
Fruit and vegetable juices are conventionally made using a juicer since this is a convenient way to grind down hard and tough vegetables such as cabbage and leafy greens. However, not all of us have access to a juicer, so how can we get the benefits of cabbage juice

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