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Best Skin Supplements for Acne

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Today we’re counting down our top picks for the best skin supplements for acne.

Acne isn’t just something which can strike in your teenage years, so it’s always good to be prepared for an outbreak.

One of the best ways to boost your skin’s defenses against acne is to find a good supplement.

The best supplements for fighting acne are those with the right vitamins and minerals, as they can lower the production of oil and help combat inflammation.

By protecting your skin now, you put yourself in a better position to stave off acne in the long run.

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

[amazon box=”B019HOPO50″ title=”Nature’s Bounty Zinc” description=”Nature’s Bounty zinc is an excellent health supplement, that boasts an outstanding five-star rating despite its tens of thousands of reviews. This supplement is highly effective if you believe the anecdotal evidence, and many who have taken it say that it can help to clear up acne.”]

Our Other Top Picks for Skin Supplements for Acne

Best Acne Supplement Reviews

Nature’s Bounty Zinc (👑 Best of the Best)

One of nature’s best remedies for acne is the mineral zinc, that’s one of the main reasons we picked Nature’s Bounty zinc supplement as our pick for the best skin supplement for acne.

Numerous studies have shown that alongside vitamin A, zinc leads the way when it comes to effectively treating acne. Zinc is known to be effective most likely because it can decrease the amount of oil the body produces, which is one of the main contributing factors to acne outbreaks. But, the miracle mineral can also stave off bacterial infection which can cause acne, as well as inflammation, so it can diminish the appearance of acne when it breaks out.

As for why you should choose Nature’s Bounty over any other zinc supplement, the answer is simple: it’s the best on the market. The reason we can say that with such confidence is in large part due to the product’s reception on Amazon. Not only has it been given the Amazon’s Choice label, but it also boasts in excess of 80,000 reviews, and as of the time of writing the overall rating is a full five-stars. If you’re familiar with Amazon and health supplements, you’ll know that it’s exceedingly rare to find one that has a five-star rating, let alone from so many customers. As a result, it’s hard to doubt the effectiveness of the supplement, which should in theory make it an excellent choice for dealing with acne.

With a single container you’ll have 100 caplets, each providing a solid 50mg of zinc and not much else. The caplets are gluten free, and you should get around 3 months supply from a single purchase. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘caplet’, it refers to a tablet that has the shape of a capsule, which by all accounts makes it easier to swallow than the large capsules you get with many health supplements. The caplets are non-GMO and free from both sugar and gluten. The supplement’s facilities have passed tests from the STR (Specialized Technology Resources) which is a leading independent dietary supplement quality evaluation firm and the United States Pharmacopeia.

This zinc supplement can help you get the clear skin you deserve, and also support your immune health. While these benefits can’t be explicity stated due to the lack of FDA evaluation, a quick browse of past customer’s reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the products’ effectiveness in helping with a variety of health issues, including acne. Specifically, customers enjoy the fact that Nature’s Bounty has an outstanding reputation for producing high quality supplements, and that this zinc supplement is affordable. With regards to acne, many have said that it can help with hormonal acne, with some saying that it has helped reduce its appearance and others saying the supplement cleared up their acne altogether. So while you should take this customer feedback with a grain of salt, it’s the best evidence you have to go on regarding this supplement’s effectiveness for treating acne.


  •  100 caplets
  •  50mg each caplet
  •  Non GMO
  •  Gluten and sugar free
  •  Facilities approved by United States Pharmacopeia and STR

Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best skin supplement for acne is Puritan’s Pride zinc supplement.

The second of two health supplement giants to feature in this guide, Puritan’s Pride also has a reputation that precedes it. It’s a reliable brand, that’s known for its high-quality health supplements, so its zinc tablets are worth their weight in gold. This supplement, like that of Nature’s Bounty, has the Amazon’s Choice label and is also adored by past customers. While it can’t claim the same volume of reviews or even the full five-star rating of our top pick, Puritan’s Pride zinc supplement is widely praised for its quality. There’s something that sets the two brands apart too, since Puritan’s pride opted to throw in a number of vitamins and other ingredients into its zinc supplement. 

With a single container you get 100 tablets, that provide 50mg of zinc along with reasonable doses of vitamin A, C, E, and B-6. Each tablet is free from preservatives, soy, wheat, sodium, lactose, milk, sugar, gluten, and yeast. This one container should give you a 50 day supply, which should give you a clear indication of whether or not it can clear up your acne at all.

One of the best aspects of this supplement is that it combines zinc with the two vitamins which are also brought up in the conversation of the best natural ingredients for dealing with acne: A and E. Whereas Nature’s Bounty didn’t specifically target acne with its zinc supplement, Puritan’s Pride have formulated a supplement that goes after the skin condition. As a result, this supplement fights acne on multiple fronts, and if you believe the majority of past customers – it should come out on top. So if you’re looking for a multi-faceted natural approach to dealing with acne, then Puritan’s Pride provide an excellent supplement solution for you.


  •  100 tablets
  •  Includes vitamins and zinc
  •  Free from preservatives, soy, wheat, sodium, lactose, milk, sugar, gluten, and yeast
[amazon box=”B0083HA3PE” title=”Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne” description=”Puritan’s Pride Zinc for Acne supplement provides an effective blend of zinc and vitamins which should work together to reduce inflammation in the skin and clear up the acne to some extent.”]

Acnetame (⭐ Best Vitamins)

Acnetame is a vitamin-based supplement that is made specifically for treating acne.

Given that some vitamins have been touted as being effective for clearing up acne, it makes sense that a vitamin-based supplement like this one could be a good choice for dealing with the skin condition. In the tub there are 60 tablets, each one containing a range of vitamins including 2500 IU of vitamin A acetate and Vitamin B-3. You should have enough for two months of daily supplementation with each purchase. The product is free from dairy, gluten, sugar, and is non GMO too.

Acnetame claims to have a success rating of 80% for treating acne, and the Amazon’s Choice label would back this claim up. This is one of the most consistently bought products for dealing with acne, and many of the past customers seem to agree that it can be effective for clearing up the skin. The idea behind using a combination of vitamins is that the supplement will help reduce the visible signs of acne as well as reducing oily skin. This should reduce the occurence of outbreaks in the long run. Past customers heap praise on this supplement for clearing up their acne with no negative side effects, in just a single pill a day. While you should always take user reviews with a grain of salt, there’s no denying that many past customers seem happy with the results they’ve had from using this supplement.


  •  60 tablets
  •  Includes a vitamin blend
[amazon box=”B003VD9EIC” title=”Acnetame” description=”If you’re looking to take a vitamin blend that goes after acne and the underlying causes of it, then Acnetame might be your best bet. It has a high success rate in those that persist with it, and many customers swear by it.”]

Ultimate Guide

To find a skin supplement that works for you to fight acne, you’ll need to take several factors into account.

Acne doesn’t discriminate, so even though you may be past your teenage years it can still rear its ugly head.

As a result, you want to make sure you get the right supplement for you, and one that will help you stay on top of it and keep your skin clear.

Before we jump into what the best ingredients are in acne supplements and what works, we’re going to talk a bit about what causes acne so you can get a clearer understanding of the skin condition.

What causes acne?

Due to pores in the skin, we are all susceptible to outbreaks on the face, whether it’s a simple zit or pimple, or something more serious such as acne.

These irritating bumps occur as a result of a build-up of oil, bacteria, dirt and other airborne pollutants gathering in the pores of your skin.

While acne is most commonly associated with the face, it can affect most parts of the body, including the chest, neck, and back.

Sebum is oil that is naturally produced by the body to keep our skin smooth and clear. However, if the follicles of the pore produce too much of this oil, this can be a problem. The overproduction of sebum is another way in which you can develop acne, along with the blocking of the pores.

However bad acne may seem, the good news is that it is treatable.

What works?

The best way to stay on top of acne is to maintain a healthy skincare routine.

This means washing your face once or twice a day with a facial cleanser, making sure to clean off and shower after getting sweaty, and minimizing sugar in your diet.

There are other things you can do, too, like using an acne cream and reducing stress, so it’s worth finding out what lifestyle factors could be contributing to your acne.

The most effective form of treatment, aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle, is medication or a medical procedure.

There are a variety of medications you can take which work to kill off bacteria and lower the levels of oil on your skin. There are also some topical ointments that can work and prescription creams.

If you really want to get rid of your acne for good, a procedure such as photodynamic therapy might be something to consider, or a chemical peel.

However, if you are looking to manage your acne using natural ingredients and without spending a fortune, supplements may just be your best bet.

While nobody can promise you that a natural supplement will 100% work for you, there’s a good chance that the right one can clear up signs of acne – if not completely, then partially at least.

The reason why these natural supplements can be effective is because they address the causes of acne – such as overproduction of oil and bacterial infection – through supplying your body with vitamins and minerals.

A lot of the time acne can be brought on by a deficiency in any one of zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E. As a result, by supplementing with them, you can restore your body’s natural balance and clear up acne.

It’s hard to be certain with any natural supplement as to its effectiveness, since the FDA doesn’t evaluate the statements made by the brands. However, a solid indication of the supplement’s quality can be found in the reviews left by past customers.

If you can find a supplement that is widely praised for clearing up acne, such as Nature’s Bounty zinc, then you’re onto a winner. The more people that talk highly of it, the more likely it is that the claims are true.

Best Ingredients

There are some ingredients which are well-known for their acne-clearing benefits, so we thought it’d be helpful if we listed them out so you can make an informed decision based on what you find on the label.


Zinc is a mineral that is essential for most bodily functions, and there is lots of promising evidence that it can help clear up the skin from acne.

This is because zinc has been shown to lower the production of oil in the body, as well as reducing inflammation and fighting off bacterial infections.

It is believed that a daily dose of around 30mg zinc can be helpful for treating acne.

Vitamin A

The number one vitamin for targeting acne and clearing up the skin is vitamin A.

This is due to the presence of retinoids, which act to speed up the regeneration of the skin, making it hard for acne to survive.

Vitamin A is found in many supplements, and although it may be more effective as a topical ointment, it can have a positive effect in capsule form too.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has less research behind it than zinc and vitamin A, but one of the causes of acne is a vitamin E deficiency so logic follows that by topping up your levels of the vitamin you could help deter acne outbreaks.

This should be taken with a grain of salt, given the lack of real evidence, but a supplement with vitamin E could be useful.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has a reputation for treating acne, and is considered to be a natural alternative to the acne-treating chemical benzoyl peroxide.

This oil works by clearing up bacteria that may be clogging your pores as well as cutting down on the body’s production of oil which should in turn cut off acne’s main contributing factor.

Tea tree oil has the best results when applied topically, so you’re unlikely to find it in pill form for acne supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acne Supplements

Does vitamin A help hormonal acne?

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can help promote healthy skin.

It can also prevent free radicals, and has retinoids which will enable the skin to regenerate faster and fight off skin conditions such as acne.

Though with that being said, if you take too much vitamin A you can end up doing more harm than good.

Which vitamins help with acne?

One of the best vitamins you can take to help clear up acne is vitamin A.

This is because it contains retinoids which can help the skin recover quickly and regenerate in the face of acne outbreaks.

A diet complete with vitamin E can be helpful too for treating acne.

Does zinc work acne?

There is evidence to suggest that the mineral zinc could be effective in treating and clearing up acne.

It works by lowering the production of oil in the skin, and by decreasing inflammation and the risks of developing bacterial infections.

Often times acne is caused by a deficiency in either vitamin A, E, or zinc, or a combination of all three, so logic dictates that supplementing with the mineral can help restore the body’s natural balance.

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

Acne is a common skin condition that affects many people, and it doesn’t just rear its ugly head during the teenage years.

The skin condition can break out at any age, so it’s worth stocking up on healthy vitamins and mineral supplements that can help you wage war on acne and keep it at bay.

Article by:

Wellness Nova Team

Our detailed review has been contributed to by multiple members of the Wellness Nova Review Team to ensure the best research and highest standard of quality. Have a good or a bad experience with one of the products? Please let us know, we love the feedback!

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