Best Respirator Mask in 2020 for Pollutants: In-Depth Reviews

Best respirator mask

Best Respirator Mask in 2020 for Pollutants

Whether you have some renovations to do around the house or simply have a job that requires protection against diseases, it’s important to keep protected. 

The coronavirus pandemic also has us all searching of respirators, masks and other protective equipment to keep ourselves and our families safe.

If you’re in search of respirators or face masks, we’ve got you covered. Our team reviewed the top products available. Below you will find a list of some of the best respirators that are currently on the market.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Which type of mask is best for coronavirus
  • The best masks on the market for smoke, dust and mold
  • Our recommendation for spray painting and home repair respirators

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Note: Due to COVID-19, some products have been periodically out of stock. Please be sure to check the availability of each item.

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

GVS SPR451 ELIPSE P100 Respirator
The GVS SPR451 ELIPSE P100 respirator is our pick for best respirator mask due to its comfortable, adjustable design and versatility. Whether you need protection against dust, mold, mist, oil, water vapors, metal fumes, or microorganisms, it's got you covered.

Our Other Top Respirator Picks

Reviews: Best Respirator Mask

1. GVS SPR451 ELIPSE P100 Respirator (👑 Top Pick)

With a number of qualities, the GVS P100 half facepiece respirator has gained trust and loads of positive feedback from users. This facepiece is designed to protect the wearer against dust, mold, mist, oil and water vapors, metal fumes, and some microorganisms. 

Keep in mind it may take time to adjust the respirator for a good fit, but it’s worth it.


  • Water-resistant material that provides maximum particulate protection
  • Free of latex, silicone and odors
  • Exhalation valve that allows low breathing resistance and keeps humidity levels low
  • Secure straps, easily adjusted into four different positions
  • NIOSH-approved

    Our testing team chose the GVS SPR451 ELIPSE P100 Respirator as our best overall pick due to its:

    1. Comfortable, quality design that fits the face
    2. Impressive protection
    3. Versatility (it’s suitable for everything from DIY use to commercial construction)
    4. Value for money


2. Zelbuck 107 Half Facepiece Respirator

The Zelbuck respirator is in many ways similar to the previously mentioned GVS P100 respirator. It is also a half facepiece, and is mostly used in wood processing, construction work and chemical labs.

This respirator is designed to block out 96% of particulate matter, as well as organic vapors or gases.

The half facepiece is also designed to provide a wide and clear vision field, and is made to easily adjust to other pieces of personal protective equipment.


  • Dual filtration system
  • Duration of up to 200 hours per filter cartridge
  • Kit comes with safety goggles, 2 replaceable filter cartridges, 6 particulate cotton filters and 2 caps
Zelbuck 107 Half Facepiece Respirator
This respirator set comes with everything you need to start most home renovation or construction projects without worry. They're super comfortable and have a built-in ventilation system with four vents.

3. 3M 6200 Half Facepiece Respirator

As you may know, 3M is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to respirators. The 6200 series half facepiece respirator is just one of their many designs.

We like the 6200 respirator because of its flexibility. It’s perfect for many home renovation processes like painting, cleaning, grinding, sawing, sanding – you name it! But at the same time, it’s efficient at protecting against particulates, gases, vapors, and chemicals.

Whatever your reason for needing a respirator, you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • NIOSH-approved 
  • Adjustment points for improving suitability with other personal protective equipment
  • Fully adjustable headbands
3M 6200 Half Facepiece Respirator
The 3M Half Facepiece helps provide protection against aerosols, particulates and a huge variety of gases and vapors. Just be sure to pick up the appropriate cartridges and filters.

4. 3M 6900 Full Facepiece Respirator (😷 Best Full Face Respirator Mask)

Another generation of amazing 3M respirators that have gained popularity and have lots of positive feedback is the 6900 series. This series of respirators offers full face coverage, protecting against not only gas and liquids, but flying particles too. 

This is one of the main reasons this respirator is often used in wood processing, metal work, chemical treatment, painting, and home renovations.

The difference between the 6900 and the 6200 is the facepiece. Opt for the 6900 series if you prefer a full facepiece.


  • Full adjustability
  • NIOSH-approved
  • Fog-free view
  • Great at blocking out fumes 
3M 6900 Full Facepiece Respirator
This full facepiece reusable respirator from 3M is super lightweight, comfortable and can protect against many types of contaminants. Just be sure to use the appropriate filters or cartridges.

5. 3M 8511 N95 Respirator (🦠 Best N95 Respirator for the Coronavirus)

Last but not least, we’ve got a 3M classic: the N95 respirator. Widely used for various purposes, this respirator successfully blocks out a minimum of 95% of particles and aerosols.

The N95 respirator is also commonly used amongst healthcare personnel. This facepiece is also a good pick for those who do light work projects and hate having pressure or weight on their neck.


  • Adjustable noseclip
  • Cool Flow exhalation valve to release heat and prevent leakage
  • Breathability
3M 8511 N95 Respirator
These disposable N95 respirator masks have a Cool Flow valve, which helps release heat from inside the respirator. It has an adjustable noseclip that helps ensure a secure seal.

Best Respirator Mask for Smoke

Here’s our top pick for best respirator mask for smoke:

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7502
It's our go-to respirator for smoke. It is great at blocking out nasty odors and
vapors, and is super comfortable to wear if you get the right size. Just don't forget to pick up the cartridges as well!

When it comes to smoke, you get the best protection when you select the right filter and facemask combo.

You could also use a different half facemask like the 3M 6000 or 6500QL. Just be sure to fit your mask with 2000 series or 6035/6038 filters from 3M. They have added carbon for absorbing organic vapors and gases.

Keep in mind this face mask also works great for other needs like painting, sanding and other projects.


  • Made from comfortable and durable silicone material
  • Cool Flow valve to make breathing easier and reduce heat build-up
  • Downward-directing exhalation valve to prevent fogging

Best Respirator Mask for Dust

Our top pick for dust is:

Leeko Anti-Dust Respirator with Activated Carbon Box
It's lightweight and comfortable on the face but quite robust. Use it for woodworking or any project that involves dust or as protection when painting, welding or doing metal or automotive work.

For those in need of something more dust-proof, this is the perfect mask.

The half facepiece anti-dust respirator by Leeko offers a great range of protection, filtering dust and fine particles that come in your direction. This respirator also filters gas and other dangerous chemicals.


  • Active carbon filtration
  • Adjustable straps for all sizes
  • Soft material designed for comfort
  • Dual filtering system

Best Respirator Mask for Mold

Our pick for best respirator for mold is:

3M Half Facepiece P100 Respirator
Super comfortable and easy-to-use mask from a trustworthy company. It's super versatile and helps provide protection against many types of particulates including mold.

Whether you’re renovating an old basement or working in other environments with mold, you should definitely check out the 3M half facemask 6000 series. It comes with NIOSH-approved P100 2090 particulate filters, which are removable and can be replaced. 

It offers protection when working with chemicals, wood processing, metal pouring and more. This combination of mask and filters also helps protect against exposure to arsenic, asbestos, cadmium and MDA.


  • Lightweight design enables pressure-free experience
  • Creates a good, tight seal
  • Easily adjustable

Best Respirator Mask for Spray Painting

Our top pick for spray painting mask was a close call but we chose:

NASUM M101 Face Cover
This mask comes with two pairs of replacement filters and is our top spray painting mask due to its value for money.

This respirator offers a wide range of protection, and with a kit full of cloth filters, caps and filter boxes, the NASUM M101 respirator ensures a great working experience.

The previously mentioned 3M 6000 series respirator is also a great choice for protection when spray painting.


  • Pulled back cartridges to enable wide view field
  • Flow valve to reduces heat and humidity
  • Long lasting filters

Frequently Asked Questions About Respirator Masks

  • What does P100 mask protect against?

The P100 mask is 99.9% efficient against oil and non-oil based particulates. They protect wearers from dust, fumes and hazardous mists. P100 masks are a good pick for construction environments, agricultural applications, food processing plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

  • Is an N99 mask better than N95?

Yes. While the N95 mask blocks out 95% of particles, the N99 successfully blocks out 99%. Both of these masks are highly resistant to pollutants, but the N99 has a slightly higher resistance rate.

  • What is a good respirator?

A good respirator must fulfill several requirements. Your respirator should protect you from exposure to pollutants by creating a good, tight seal. A good respirator shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, make it hard to breathe, or put too much pressure on your face.

  • What is better than the N95 mask?

There are several masks that provide are more efficient at resisting particulates. These masks include N100, R95, R99, and R100, P95, P99, and P100 masks. For more info on the differences, read this article.

A Final Word on Respirators

There are various types of face masks, all designed differently with different functions, pros and cons. Proper protection is important important for health of those who work in potentially dangerous environments (and especially in a time like this with a pandemic outbreak). 

For a mask to fulfill its full potential, you must make sure you find the one that is most suitable to your needs.

We hope these respirator reviews were valuable for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave it below!

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