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Best Home Electrolysis

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The most compelling reason to invest in a home electrolysis machine is permanent hair removal, which will guarantee you the long-term results you’re looking for.

While shavers and razors can halt hair growth temporarily, they can’t go that step further and remove the hair completely as electrolysis can.

Even laser hair removal isn’t capable of removing the hair entirely, as it will inevitably grow back after a period of a few years or more.

So if you’re looking to get rid of hairs once and for good, then home electrolysis is hands-down your best option.    

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

[amazon box=”B003UUYXU0″ title=”Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone” description=”The Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone is an excellent home electrolysis machine that is well-rated by many previous customers. The reading material it comes with includes an informational textbook that tells you all you need to know about the process of permanent hair removal.”]

Our Other Top Picks for Home Electrolysis

Best Home Electrolysis Reviews

Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone (👑 Best of the Best)

In our view, it doesn’t get better than the Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone which we believe is the best home electrolysis machine for permanent hair removal.

While it might look like an old-fashioned machine, the Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone is one of the most highly-rated no-needle electrolysis systems on the market. With this machine, there’s no need to expose yourself to needles, as it works using transdermal electrolysis. It provides a quick and easy way to rid yourself of unwanted hair, and best of all, the results are permanent. Unlike other forms of hair removal such as using a laser, home electrolysis machines like this one can reliably and permanently get rid of hair follicles, so you only have to deal with them one time.

This high-quality system works on 110-120 volt and 220-240 volt systems, and comes with a 1 year warranty so you can return it within the first 12 months if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason. It works through the use of galvanic or electric tweezers, which are easily connected to the main power system. The kit also comes with a metal anode, swab electrode, electrode clip and several other essentials, along with 3oz high viscosity electrolyte gel, 2oz low viscosity electrolyte gel and a handy textbook called ‘Cosmetologist’s Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis’. To use the machine, you simply have to attach the electrode to the hair itself, and let the electrolysis do the rest, though make sure you read through the book before you try to do anything.

While this may be a machine intended for salon use, if you have some prior experience in the field of beauty and cosmetics, or you are a willing learner, then you can get up to speed and use the equipment proficiently. The inclusion of the textbook guide is especially useful, and it’s well worth your time reading through it once or twice to get a clear idea of what you should be doing and what to avoid when using the machine. There is also reading material that walks you through every part of the process, from depilatory wax, to the various stages of hair growth, and treatment strategies for optimal results. You should be able to get around three months of use from the gel and electrolyte equipment.


  •  Transdermal electrolysis 
  •  Works on 110-120 volt and 220-240 volt systems
  •  Foot switch compatible
  •  Output range 0.01-5,000mA
  •  1 year warranty

Electroylsis Automatique (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner-up pick for the best home electrolysis machine is the Electrolysis Automatique permanent hair removal kit from Biotechnique Avance.

This machine also looks like it’s been around for a very long time, but aesthetic aside, it also delivers outstanding results like the Aavexx 600. It’s a machine that is perfect for salon use but can also be used at home too provided you know what you’re doing. It is marketed as one of the most powerful epilators on the market, given that it has a full 22,000 kuv output intensity, so you know that your hairs don’t stand a chance when faced with this machine. 

What’s noteworthy about this home electrolysis machine is that instead of using a quick flash of energy to zap the hair follicle as most epilators do, it relies on a system of gently increasing the intensity for a longer period of time, from 0.1 to 0.5 seconds. This approach is considered to be better for the skin, and more effective. You can also program the output intensity and time the machine takes, in case you want to experiment with different approaches and see what works best for you. There’s a foot switch too for quick and easy activation.

In the box, you’ll get the machine itself, a probe stylus, an anode, 6oz of conductivity gel anode prep, a foot switch, and 5 sterile disposable probes. There’s also a 1 year total coverage warranty, with additional years available, so you can cover the device for as long as you want. It also comes with instructions, which are essential for a device like this that may be unfamiliar to you if you haven’t worked in a beauty salon before.


  •  Galvanic electrolysis 
  •  22,000 kuv output intensity
  •  Foot switch
  •  1-year warranty
[amazon box=”B07Q2L3DL5″ title=”Electroylsis Automatique” description=”The Electrolysis Automatique machine opts for a slow and steady approach compared to the hare-like speed of most other epilators. This, in theory, should lead to better results.”]

Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System (🤏🏼 Best Handheld)

1 best-home-electrolysis

If you’re looking for something a little more convenient, a device that is both portable and far more budget-friendly than the salon-quality machines, then the Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System should be worthy of consideration.

This ePen from Verseo is an excellent alternative to the bulky home electrolysis systems that can clutter up your home, and it’s also very easy to use. This unisex device offers needle-free electrolysis that can get rid of your unwanted hairs for good. It’s also much more affordably-priced than a lot of other home electrolysis machines, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on one.

If you are tired of having to go to the salon for expensive wax treatments, it might be time to consider investing in a convenient electrolysis device such as this one. What’s more, you can set up your own beauty salon wherever you are, due to its compact and portable design. The ePen will work on the face, underarm area, and bikini line and does so without the use of painful needless. 

The way this device works is by sending small pulses of electrical energy directly into the hair follicle, which will completely destroy the root of the unwanted hair. Then you can simply use a pair of tweezers to pluck it out of existence, or even just brush it off. The process is simple too. To use the ePen, you must first apply the provided conductive pads or conductive gel to the desired area, and place a cotton bud on the end of the ePen. Once you press the button when everything is in place, a green light will appear, to let you know that everything is ok. After 20 seconds, you will hear a buzzer, which will let you know that the process is over and the treatment is finished. Sometimes you will need a few uses to make sure you have removed all hairs within a growth cycle.

In the box you will receive the ePen wand, two jars of conductive gel, three reusable conductive pads, cotton buds, a pad lead, and a pair of tweezers. All of this equipment will come in a handy travel pouch too, and you will have a 1-year guarantee.


  •  Includes conductive gel/pads, cotton buds, tweezers, and folding pouch
  •  Automatic timer and buzzer
  • 1-year guarantee
[amazon box=”B0000ASAYY” title=”Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System” description=”The Verseo ePen is a good option if you don’t want to fiddle around with an expensive salon-quality electrolysis machine. It’s a much more convenient, affordable option that has some neat features like the automatic timer and buzzer.”]

Clean n Easy Deluxe Electrolysis Home (👱🏻 Best for Coarse Hair)

If you’re looking for a home electrolysis device that works well on coarse hair, then we’d strongly recommend the Clean n Easy device from American International Industries.

This device brings therapist-level electrolysis into your home, in a convenient compact device that you can use to zap your hairs. If you have unwanted upper lip hair for example you could get rid of it for good with the Clean n Easy device so you never have to lay eyes on it in the mirror again. The kit will also save you an awful lot of money and trips to the practitioner’s office, so if you have hair that you want to be gone for good it’s a shrewd investment to make.

The device is made up of a control dial, touch plate, stylet tip, tweezers, and uses a 9v battery which you will have to purchase for yourself as it doesn’t come included in the box.


  •  Stainless steel design
  •  Includes control dial, touch plate, stylet tip, and tweezers
[amazon box=”B00011JN5G” title=”Clean n Easy Deluxe Electrolysis Home” description=”The Clean n Easy home electrolysis device is ideal for permanently removing individual coarse hairs and is available at a very reasonable price.”]

Methods of Hair Removal

There are several methods of hair removal, but the trouble is, not all of them are permanent.

With electrolysis, you are guaranteed permanent hair removal – albeit one hair at a time. The caveat is that you need to know how to work a home electrolysis machine, which might require a steep learning curve.

To make sure you know exactly what your options are and whether electrolysis is for you, here are some alternative options for hair removal:

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular way to get rid of any unwanted excess hair, yet it is one of the more expensive options.

The main reason people opt for laser hair removal is due to the long-lasting results, as you can expect treatment to last 4-6 weeks. You will have to get follow up treatments, though, so it can take up a lot of your time.

The treatment can be painful, but with the right doctor it’s a very effective technique of hair removal.


  •  Long-lasting results
  •  Highly effective when performed by a professional


  •  Can be painful
  •  Costly

Hair Removal Cream

This method of hair removal involves using a so-called depilatory cream which is otherwise known as hair removal cream.

This type of cream uses chemicals to dissolve your hair, so you have to be careful not to overdo it or you might burn your skin.


  •  One of the easiest ways to eliminate body hair
  •  Good for large patches of hair


  •  The cream can burn the skin
  •  It uses chemicals which could cause irritation

Hot Wax

Hot wax is a very common method of hair removal, and it’s one that you can either go to a professional salon for or take into your own hands.

While this is an effective way to get rid of large patches of body hair, it is also one of the most painful methods. You might also be left with stray hairs if you don’t quite get it right the first time, and there’s always the risk of burning your skin with the hot wax.


  •  Good for large patches of hair
  •  Relatively inexpensive


  •  One of the most painful methods
  •  Can burn the skin 


Plucking is an age-old method of hair removal that requires you to literally pluck out individual hairs from your body using a pair of tweezers.

As you can imagine, this method can be painful, but if you have the patience to pluck out hairs one by one it can also be quite effective. It’s also one of the best methods for dealing with areas that require a more delicate approach such as the eyebrows or the upper lip.


  •  You can pluck individual hairs in delicate areas
  •  It’s the cheapest and easiest method


  •   There’s a risk of causing ingrown hairs 
  •   You will need a lot of patience to rely solely on this method

Ultimate Guide

Choosing a home electrolysis system can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the first thing about permanent hair removal.

With various options out there claiming to be the best, and many of them being very expensive, it’s worth spending some time considering the various factors before you part with your cash.

Before we get into the factors that differentiate the various home electrolysis machines, we’d first like to explore the evidence for the effectiveness of electrolysis, so you know what exactly you can expect.

Is Electrolysis Effective?

2 best-home-electrolysis

If you know little to nothing about what’s best for hair removal, the first thing you should know is that many people believe that electrolysis is the only way of getting truly permanent results.

Yes, while there are many methods that claim to provide the permanent removal of hairs, such as lasers and epilators, it’s thought that only electrolysis can rid you of a hair for good by completely destroying its root.

While there are many ways to remove hair, such as waxing, shaving, and simply using a pair of tweezers, few of these methods can provide long-term results.

If you want to get rid of hairs once and for all, and ensure that they never return, electrolysis might well be your only real option.

The closest method to electrolysis in terms of effectiveness is considered to be laser hair removal. Both methods go for the hair follicles which reside under the skin’s surface, in order to impede future growth.

Yet while laser hair removal uses a laser to remove the hair follicle through radiation, electrolysis inserts a probe into the follicle before hitting it with an electrical pulse.

The biggest downside to laser hair removal, aside from the pain and discomfort it can cause, is the fact that yearly maintenance is required to stay on top of the hair’s growth.

This is where electrolysis shows its prowess in the field of hair removal since it doesn’t usually cause pain to the recipient nor does it require yearly maintenance.

However, it is worth considering that electrolysis is usually carried out by a skincare expert, so if you plan on doing it yourself at home, you will need to learn how to carry out the process safely and effectively.

But to return to the original question: is electrolysis effective?


Since it is the only known method for permanently removing hair, works for all skin types and colors, and requires no recovery time on the part of the recipient, it’s easy to conclude that it is indeed effective.


There are a couple of types of home electrolysis systems available, so we’ll go over each and analyses the pros and cons of each.

Salon Machine

The salon machines are obviously those which are used by professionals in the salons, and as a result, are a much more expensive option.

With that being said, what you get with the salon-quality machine is outstanding results with minimal effort – provided you know what you’re doing.

Here’s the catch with the salon machines: they require a learning curve to use proficiently.

Since electrolysis is usually left to skincare professionals, trying to do it yourself at home can seem like a tall order. Especially with these salon-quality machines, it can be quite a struggle to get to grips with the process at first.

But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn the ropes, then you won’t get better electrolysis results with any other device.

Portable Device

The portable device, which will often take the form of an ePen, is a great option if you want something that’s quick and easy to use and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Electrolysis systems like the Verseo ePen offer up great results at a reasonable price, albeit you may need to go over some areas several times to remove the hairs permanently.

While these devices aren’t as strong as the salon-quality systems, they are less of a risk given their budget-friendly prices, so if you just want to give electrolysis a go they can be a great place to start.

Many home electrolysis systems will come with a lot of extra equipment, so it’s worth knowing exactly what it is you’re getting in the box and whether it’s worth your while.

Some of these extras will apply only to the salon-quality machines, while others to the portable devices, and a couple will apply to both.

Travel Pouch

An extra which is nice to find for a portable device, a travel pouch can help you move your machine around.

This is great if you want to have your own mobile beauty salon, or if you plan on letting your friends and family in on the action.


Tweezers are a very useful piece of equipment to have in general, but they can also be helpful for cleaning things up after you’re done with the electrolysis.

This applies mainly to the weaker portable devices, since you might need to pluck the dead hair from your skin once the process is over.

Conductive Gel and Pad

Conductive gel and conductive pads are necessary for the electrolysis process, and you should receive some with the device.

One of the most important things to bear in mind with gel and pads is that they must be in date, and not expired.

It can be a good idea to browse the reviews before you buy since some products have a bad reputation for distributing expired equipment.

Foot Switch

A foot switch is great for any salon-level electrolysis machine as it provides you with a hands-free way to operate it.

Ideally, if you’re paying a lot of money for a salon-quality machine, you should get one with a foot switch for your convenience.


Since we’re dealing with sophisticated electronics, it’s absolutely worth going for a device that has some kind of guarantee or warranty.

If you don’t, then you are potentially taking a huge risk.

Even if the machine works the first time you use it, the next time around it could malfunction and you could have a faulty product on your hands.

As a result, it’s always a good idea to get one with a guarantee, especially if you splash out for one of the salon-quality machines since these can end up being hugely significant investments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Electrolysis

Does home electrolysis really work?

Home electrolysis can certainly be effective for removing unwanted hair from the body.

Its origins date back as far as 1875, which means it precedes laser hair removal procedures, so it has time on its side.

By sending a jolt of electricity into the hair follicle, home electrolysis can destroy the root of the hair and remove it completely from the body.

What is the best electrolysis machine for home use?

We believe that the best electrolysis machine for home use is the Aavexx 600 Blend-Tone.

It offers up great results for permanent hair removal, and is well-rated by many customers who have used it.

It also comes with a lot of extras, including reading material which can help you get to grips with the process and feel confident using the machine.

Can you perform electrolysis on yourself?

It’s possible to perform electrolysis on yourself, provided that you have the right equipment to do so safely.

Generally, electrolysis is a process used mainly by professionals, given the accuracy required to target individual hairs.

However, if you are willing to give it a go yourself, there are some great home use machines that can help you do a good job of hair removal on yourself.

Final Word

If you feel like your razor isn’t quite cutting it, and you still have the odd hair or two where you don’t want them, home electrolysis provides a great way to take care of them.

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is safe to do around the eyes too, as it doesn’t have invasive light which can prove damaging.

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