3 Best Hernia Belts in 2024 [Ranked and Reviewed]

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Best Hernia Belt

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Today we’re counting down our top picks for the best hernia belt.

Designed mostly for inguinal hernias, hernia belts can keep everything in place leading up to surgery.

While a hernia belt won’t fix your hernia, it can provide relief from any pain or discomfort you feel as a result of its presence.

The belt will put pressure on the hernia, which will prevent the bulge of tissue from breaking through the outer layer of muscle.

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

[amazon box=”B0056BR40M” title=”FlexaMed Right Side Inguinal Groin Hernia Truss” description=”The FlexaMed right side inguinal groin hernia truss is a reliable, comfortable hernia belt which applies reliable pressure to the affected area and shouldn’t cause any discomfort to the wearer.”]

Our Other Top Picks for Hernia Belt

Best Hernia Belt Reviews

FlexaMed Right Side Inguinal Groin Hernia Truss (👑 Best of the Best)

The top hernia belt in our view is the FlexaMed right side inguinal groin hernia truss.

This truss is designed to be used in the groin area for inguinal hernias, and one of the best things about it is its adjustability. The adjustability allows the user to play around with the truss until they find the most comfortable fit that applies sufficient and consistent pressure to the affected area. The truss can be worn over boxers and briefs, too, which means you can bathe or swim with it on without any issues.

This hernia truss comes in four different sizes, so you can pick the one which works best with your lower body measurements. It is made from a blend of cotton and polyester, which means it is both soft and breathable. It is designed to be used either pre or post-surgery, so whatever your situation, if you have an inguinal hernia you can use this belt.

Past customers who have used this inguinal groin hernia truss have been happy with the pain relief it provides, and the discomfort it saves them from. Specifically, users point to how easy it is to wrap over undergarments and how well it keeps everything inside the abdominal wall 24/7. They also seem to enjoy how soft and comfortable the truss is, which means you can wear it throughout the day without even noticing it’s there.


  •  Available in 4 sizes
  •  Made with cotton and polyester
  •  Over-the-brief style
  •  Easy on and off

URIEL Meditex Right Side Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the top hernia belt is the URIEL Meditex right side inguinal groin hernia belt.

This hernia belt from URIEL is another reliable option, and this one comes in a wide variety of size options and you can find both left and right-sided options depending on where your hernia is. Like our top pick, it is designed to provide relief from inguinal groin hernias.

There is a soft pad inside this hernia belt that applies gradual pressure to the weakened groined muscle, while simultaneously supporting the area and compressing the hernia. This should ensure that everything stays where it should, which is ideal if you have a hernia surgery coming up or you’ve just had one. The amount of pressure is adjustable, too, so if you need to you can get more or less to provide the level of comfort and relief you’re looking for.

This is another over-the-brief style of hernia support, which is good because it is inconspicuous. It means you can use it even when you take a shower or go for a swim.

The best way to tell if this is a hernia belt that works or not is to head to the user review section of the Amazon product page. The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s what some of the users have had to say about the hernia support. One user claims that they wear it for as many as 16 hours of the day, and it remains comfortable the whole time and provides adequate support and applies sufficient pressure to the hernia. Another user claims that it allowed them to get on with their life as usual and enjoy a vacation full of walking and other activities. Other common points of praise include the design quality which is comfortable and adjustable, and the fact that it can be comfortably worn in the shower.


  •  Available in various sizes
  •  Hook and loop closure 
  •  Over-the-brief style
  •  No metal parts
[amazon box=”B00DNNJNQ8″ title=”URIEL Meditex Right Side Inguinal Groin Hernia Belt ” description=”The URIEL Meditex inguinal groin hernia belt is a convenient option, with straightforward hook and loop closure, no metal parts, and an over-the-brief style.”]

ORTONYX Umbilical Hernia Belt (⭐ Best Compression)

If you’re looking for a hernia belt with provides a great deal of compression post-surgery, then this belt from ORTONYX is an excellent option.

This compression hernia belt is available in four sizes, and made from cotton, which means it is soft and breathable. It features a simple hook and loop closure system, and wraps around the entire circumference of the torso covering the lower portion of the abdominal walls. This is what makes it stand out from the other two hernia belts in this guide, and this design is better suited to those recovering after hernia surgery. Alternatively, you can use this compression belt to help with reducible hernias, and it can be useful for umbilical, incisional, epigastric, ventral, and inguinal hernias.

This belt from ORTONYX is made from high quality medical grade breathable material, and the elastic cotton blend fabric is moisture-wicking too. This ensures that the body is cool throughout the day, and more importantly comfortable. It shouldn’t restrict your mobility either, which is a common concern with compression belts like this one. The slim design makes sure that the belt doesn’t show through your outer layers, and it’s exceptionally easy to take off and put on so you won’t feel like you’re trapped at all.

Due to the innovative design of the belt, it will conform to the shape of your body providing exactly the level of compression that you need to feel relief from your hernia. The removable silicon pad has a soft lining and an adhesive layer that applies localized pressure on the hernia, and you can move around to anywhere on the belt. So you don’t have to worry that the belt won’t provide the specific relief you need. The hook and loop closure is simple to use and allows for a secure fit so the belt won’t move around throughout the day.

The anecdotal evidence from past customers points to the effectiveness of this hernia belt, proving that it works as intended. One user claims that this compression belt provided relief from extreme hernia-related discomfort. Another said that they found this belt to be breathable, loose, and comfortable to wear even under clothing. Other praise for this belt includes the fact that the compression pad can be moved to any part of the belt for localized pressure on your hernia and adequate pain relief.


  •  Available in 4 sizes
  •  Made with cotton
  •  Hook and loop closure
  •  Suitable for different types of hernias
  •  Removable silicon pad
[amazon box=”B07BW531MG” title=”ORTONYX Umbilical Hernia Belt” description=”This ORTONYX compression hernia belt is ideal for any type of hernia, and it allows you to target the source of discomfort with the removable silicon pad.”]

Ultimate Guide

Hernias can be painful and uncomfortable, so you should give the hernia belt a go if you want to ease this discomfort.

However, not all hernia belts are the same.

There are several important factors to take into account if you want to choose the best belt for your needs, and we’ll go through them in this ultimate guide.

First, we’ll touch upon what a hernia is and how a hernia belt can help, then we’ll get into the details of the various options out there.

What is a hernia belt?

To understand what a hernia belt does, it’s important to know what a hernia is.

A hernia is essentially what happens when an organ or an internal body part protrudes and pushes through the muscle or tissue wall of the body.

While sometimes they cause no symptoms, for many people they can be painful and cause discomfort.

This is why hernia belts exist.

While a hernia belt isn’t a replacement for surgery, and can’t fix a hernia, what it can do is provide relief from hernia-related pain.

The hernia belt is used mainly to address inguinal hernias, but some will help with other types of hernias too.

The belt wraps around the waist of the wearer, and will support weakened muscles surrounding the hernia while keeping everything in place.

They can be worn either pre or post hernia surgery.

While the belt will support the abdomen and will compress the affected area for pain relief, there is a similar alternative called a truss.

A truss is a belt that typically has metal or plastic plates, and is more for those who already have a hernia and want to keep it in place.


The most important feature to bear in mind when selecting a hernia belt is the design.

With a medical grade, high quality design, you will get all the support you need to provide relief from hernia pain.

Closure is another factor related to design, and this will determine how you fasten the belt or truss.


When it comes to material, you want something that is soft, lightweight, and breathable.

A belt that is moisture-wicking will help you feel more comfortable too, since you don’t want to have a sweaty abdomen throughout the day.


The closure type is important, since you want the belt to be as simple to put on and take off as possible.

The hook and loop closure system is generally considered to be the best, but it boils down to personal preference.


The compression provided by the hernia belt or truss is an important factor to consider.

While some belts will provide more or less compression depending on how tight you wear them, others will rely on soft removable pads.

The ORTONYX hernia belt, for example, has a removable pad that you can move anywhere in the belt to provide localized pressure exactly where you need it.

This is a great option for a number of different types of hernias, whereas a truss is more common for the inguinal hernia.


The fit of the hernia belt or truss is huge, since a belt that doesn’t fit perfectly won’t provide the compression or pain relief you need.

Usually, the fit of a hernia belt will depend on your waist size, so make sure you have accurate measurements to use so you can pick the right size for you.


While it’s hard to determine the quality of a hernia belt, short of what materials are used in the design, there is one way to figure out how effective the belt might be.

This is one of those products which requires you to head to the user reviews section of the Amazon product page.

While this isn’t always full of helpful and honest feedback, it can be one of the best indicators of quality for a hernia belt.

Take the time to read several user reviews – both positive and negative – to see what people say about the belt.

Pay attention to whether people say it provides the adequate compression to help with hernia discomfort, and whether or not it is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hernia Belts

Does a hernia belt really help?

A hernia belt can help to keep your hernia safely within the abdominal walls, yes.

The belt applies pressure to the hernia, which can provide relief – much in the same way that applying gentle pressure with your hand would.

The use of a hernia belt is generally recommended for those waiting for a hernia surgery, as it can keep things healthy until that point.

Can you fix a hernia without surgery?

Generally, no, it isn’t possible to fix a hernia without surgery.

Using a hernia belt or truss can keep the hernia in place, though, which will provide relief can help you endure it until the day of your surgery arrives.

That’s all a hernia belt is designed to do though: ease any pain or discomfort you feel as a result of the hernia. It isn’t meant to be a replacement for surgery, and wearing a belt alone can’t fix a hernia.

Is it safe to wear a hernia belt?

While you might think that a hernia belt could aggravate your symptoms and make the issue worse, it is a safe product to use.

If you’re looking for pain relief from a hernia, a hernia belt can be an effective solution that can help you get to surgery with minimal discomfort.

In some cases, patients will have to wear a hernia truss or belt for weeks, months, or even years.

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A Final Word From Wellness Nova

A hernia belt or truss can be essential if you have a hernia and are suffering with pain and/or discomfort.

The belt will hold the hernia in place, and can give you peace of mind up until the day of the hernia surgery.

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Wellness Nova Team

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