3 Best Forearm Crutches in 2024 [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Best Forearm Crutches

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Forearm crutches aren’t too dissimilar from underarm catches, though they do tend to be more pricey.

On the plus side, due to the dependence on the upper body and arms these crutches require, they can actually help you to build upper body strength and strengthen your abdominal muscles as you move around.

These crutches can also give you greater control over how you move, and they can be much more straightforward to use for stairs.

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

[amazon box=”B00083DFOW” title=”Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches” description=”The Medline forearm crutches are everything you want a pair of crutches to be: highly durable, lightweight, and easy to use.”]

Our Other Top Picks for Forearm Crutches

Best Forearm Crutch Reviews

Medline MDS805161 Aluminum Forearm Crutches (👑 Best of the Best)

We believe that the best forearm crutches are the Medline MDS805161 Aluminium crutches.

This pack of two crutches from Medline is an excellent option if your budget if flexible, as they are made to a very high standard. As an Amazon’s Choice product, you know that they will be reliable, and are trusted by many satisfied customers who’ve used them before. There are three sizes to choose from, too, which are designed for adults, youth, and taller people. The manufacturer recommends these crutches for those with long-term injury or disability.

One of the most important features of forearm crutches is durability. You want to make sure you invest in real quality construction, since the last thing you want to do is find out that the crutches you depend upon to move are shaky or anything less than robust. This is one of the standout qualities of these aluminum crutches, which have been designed to high standards and to last a very long time. This quality is ensured with the build that consists of heavy-wall, high-strength aluminum tubing. The main benefits of having aluminum crutches are that they are lightweight and easy to carry, corrosion-resistant, and odorless.

Another neat element of the design is the telescoping parts which have been made with internal bushings and external lock nuts. While this might not mean much to you, what this means is that you can expect silent usage with these crutches. Yes, that means no squeaking or creaking as you move around on these crutches. This can be an important feature if you don’t want to disturb those around you when you move around.

The arm cuffs of these crutches are vinyl-coated, tapered, and contoured. They are highly durable and robust, making it easy for you to lean your upper body weight into them and feel as supported as you need to. As you move around on the crutches, you will notice that the arm cuffs are reliable and support you well.

Last but not least, the manufacturer shrudely decided to go with black parts for these crutches, so that scratches and marks are easily hidden. If you’re investing in a pair of crutches that you’ll use for a long time, it’s nice to know that they won’t show wear and tear within just a few months of use.


  •  Pair of two crutches
  •  Comes in three sizes
  •  Telescoping parts made with internal bushing and external lock nuts
  •  Black components
  •  Heavy-wall, high-strength aluminum tubing
  •  Viny-coated and tapered arm cuffs

ORTONYX Forearm Crutches (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best forearm crutches is these crutches from ORTONYX.

Not only are these forearm crutches one of the most affordable pairs you’re likely to find, but they are also one of the more comfortable pairs. One of the neat features of these crutches is that you can choose your preferred color scheme, and there are four to choose from.

These forearm crutches are heavy-duty and tested for durability to ensure many months of use without any issues. They have been tested up to the user weight of 308lbs. The reason for their durability lies in the bi-injected polypropylene and elastomer design, which is both comfortable and sturdy. This is combined with a robust aluminium pipe of high quality, so you can be sure that the crutches will be lightweight and easy to use. So lightweight in fact, that each crutch weighs in at less than 1.15lbs.

You can adjust the height of these crutches between the range of 30-39 inches and the support angle is 28 degrees. They are anti-noise and anti-slip, so not only can you move around silently but you can do so without a significant risk of slipping and causing further injury.


  •  4 colors to choose from
  •  Tested up to 308lbs
  •  Adjustable
  •  Ergonomic handles made with bi-injected polymer
  •  Each crutch weighs less than 1.15lb
  •  Anti-noise
  •  Anti-slip
[amazon box=”B07962Z76K” title=”ORTONYX Forearm Crutches” description=”These affordable forearm crutches from ORTONYX are ideal for saving some money but also getting a comfortable and durable pair of crutches to move around with.”]

Ergobaum Ergonomic Crutches (⭐ Most Comfortable)

Our pick for the most comfortable forearm crutches are these ergonomic crutches from Ergobaum.

Aside from build quality and durability, one of the most important features for a pair of crutches is comfort. That’s what makes these ergonomically-designed crutches such a great option. While they may be one of the more expensive pairs of forearm crutches, you would be investing in greater comfort and ease of use, which should improve your quality of life as you use the crutches.

These shock absorber crutches have been designed to accelerate the recovery process while also reducing the chances of getting injured which is sometimes possible with conventional crutch use. If you were wondering whether or not you can trust the claims of Ergobaum with regards to its ergonomic crutches, you should know that they were designed by an orthopedic surgeon with user comfort in mind.

As far as forearm crutches go, few come close to the amount of design features in these ergonomic crutches. Everything has been thought of, and every last detail of the crutches has been designed with user comfort and ergonomics in mind. That means what you get is a comfortable and fully adjustable pair of crutches that you can set up perfectly for your height and weight. The height of the crutches and the arm length are both fully adjustable, which makes these crutches suitable for the vast majority of adults.

Getting to specifics, here are some of the most impressive design features of these ergonomic crutches which makes them such a good choice. Starting from the top of the crutch, you have a convenient forearm strap and cushioned cup, which should allow you to nestle your forearm into the crutch seamlessly and comfortably. As for your hand, it will rest on a pleasantly cushioned grip, so that even if you are using the crutches to move around for long periods of time you should be able to avoid pain in the hands. Further down you have the adjustable angle grip which lets you change the height and angle you use the hand grip at. Then there’s the shock absorber which should support your weight well and the silenced tubing which should minimize the chance of creaking as you use them.

As pleasant extra features, these forearm crutches also come with a built-in knee rest so you can be comfortable not only when you move around but when you need to stand still too. There’s also a handy light you can use for when it’s dark out, as well as a panic button in case you need assistance for whatever reason.


  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Shock absorbing
  •  Safety features such as night light and panic button
  •  Extras such as knee rest
  •  Fully adjustable
[amazon box=”B00NXYI2MS” title=”Ergobaum Ergonomic Crutches” description=”If you’re willing to splash out on the most comfortable forearm crutches, then go with these ones from Ergobaum. They have been designed meticulously to ensure maximum user comfort, so you can move around pain-free.”]

Ultimate Guide

It’s important to take the time to consider all of your options when it comes to choosing a pair of crutches, since you’ll likely need to use them for a long time.

Forearm crutches have many benefits, but if you invest in a pair that isn’t right for you, you’ll end up frustrated and annoyed that you wasted your money.

But before we dive into what exactly it is you should be looking for in a competent pair of forearm crutches, we’re going to explore the differences between forearm and underarm crutches.

Both have their merits, but it’s important that you know which type of crutches are most suitable for what you need.

Forearm Crutches vs Underarm Crutches

First, just so you know, forearm crutches can also go by the name of elbow crutches, and underarm crutches can also be known as auxiliary crutches.

Now that’s out the way, let’s get into the main differences between the two types of crutches so you can determine which is best for you.

There are a few different areas in which we can compare the different types of crutches, so we’ll take a look at each in detail.


Arguably the most important factor with any crutch is how it allows you to move and how easy it is to balance with.

If you don’t feel like you have a good sense of balance, then underarm crutches might be your only option, since they will keep your body propped up and won’t allow you to fall.

On the other hand, forearm crutches are more tricky to master, but there are benefits to this which we’ll get to briefly.

The downside of underarm crutches is that you won’t have quite as much control over your movement since you can’t easily adjust the positioning.

This is where forearm crutches excel, as you can easily move in any direction without too much exertion.

So in summary, if you struggle to balance well go with underarm crutches, and if you want more movement possibilities go with forearm crutches.

Required Strength

One of the greatest benefits of the extra control forearm crutches offer you is that you could build upper body strength purely by using them.

However, forearm crutches don’t put all the pressure on the arms, and actually do a 

good job of distributing the weight evenly which is great – providing you can support your weight.

If you lack upper body strength, then you will be best served using underarm crutches, as they don’t rely as heavily on it like forearm crutches do.


Walking with correct upright posture is hugely important for your health, so it’s a worthy factor to consider when looking at what crutches are best for you.

It’s generally believed that forearm crutches are the better option when it comes to maintaining good posture. This is because they support the user well and encourage them to stand up straight at all times.

Unfortunately it’s a lot trickier to work on good posture with underarm crutches since you can easily slump with them and allow the crutches to take your weight.

Provided you have the strength to use them well, forearm crutches are much better for your posture.


The design of a pair of crutches tells you a lot about what you can expect.

There are many design features that can alter the user experience when using a pair of crutches, so let’s take a look at what some of them are.

Anti Slip

Unless you want to cause yourself further harm, anti-slip is something you’ll want to see in the product description of your crutches.

Anti slip grip means there’s little to no risk of the crutches slipping out from under you as you use them.

Arm Cuff

An arm cuff is hugely useful with forearm crutches, as it locks the arm in place as you use the crutches.

The benefit of this is that the crutches won’t just fall to the floor when you release your grip of the handles.


The hand grips are an essential part of any forearm crutch, so make sure they are comfortable and ergonomically-designed if possible.

Some grips will even be adjustable which will let you find the perfect height and angle of use for you.


The pole is of course integral to the design of the crutch, so it’s important that it’s durable and lightweight.

Aluminum is widely considered to be the best material for the crutch pole because of these reasons.


Adjustability is hugely important for forearm crutches, especially if you are taller or you’re worried about finding the perfect crutches for your body type.


Some crutches come with extra features, which while not completely necessary, can help make the overall user experience more comfortable.

Knee Rest

Some sets of crutches like those of Ergobaum come with a knee rest on either pole.

What’s great about this is that if you are standing still and need to rest you can be comfortable.


Some forearm crutches will have built-in lights, which is useful for navigating dark rooms and getting around outside after the sun has gone down.

This is especially handy for seeing if there are any obstacles on the floor in front of where you are moving, so you can avoid accidentally tripping on something.

Ergonomic Features

There are many ergonomic design features and extras that will make the forearm crutches much more comfortable to use for the user.

This includes every part of the crutches, from the hand grips to the forearm cuffs.

Silent Operation

While it isn’t the most important feature, silent operation in crutches is great if you don’t want to put up with creaking sounds as you move around.

There are several design features which facilitate silent operation, so keep an eye out for them in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forearm Crutches

Are forearm crutches better?

There are two main types of crutches: underarm and forearm crutches.

There are many factors to consider when deciding between the two types of crutches, including the type of injury, balance, and movement.

Forearm crutches can be better for your posture as they will help you to stand up straight and walk with optimal posture.

Do crutches make your arms bigger?

Yes, it is possible to make your arms bigger by using crutches.

This isn’t to say that it’s a good substitute for working out, though, and there is a catch.

With crutches, you need to make sure you move with correct posture which will evenly distribute the weight throughout your arms and back so you may not end up looking like Popeye even if you use crutches for a long time.

Do crutches give you abs?

As strange as it may sound, yes, being injured and using crutches can indeed help you to build abs.

The reason for this is you will be dependent on your core abdominal muscles to keep your body straight as you move with crutches.

Simply by virtue of having your abdominal muscles engaged for an extended period of time, you can put yourself on course to six-pack abs.

A Final Word from Wellness Nova

Forearm crutches can be a great alternative to underarm crutches, and are excellent for supporting correct upright standing posture as you move.

By keeping the weight of the injured area which is usually in the lower leg, you help speed up the recovery process and can also develop ab and arm muscles while you’re at it.

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