4 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets in 2024 [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

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There are a variety of factors that can make it difficult to get a sound night’s sleep at night. One of which is endless rumination and anxiety. 

If you find yourself tossing and turning a lot in bed due to stress or heat, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that weighted cooling blankets exist.

Such blankets can prove very comforting, and will help induce a state of relaxation conducive to the best night of sleep you’ll have had in ages. 

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

[amazon box=”B07C193MKM” title=”YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket” description=”If you’re looking for a high-quality cooling weighted blanket that’s easy to take care of, look no further. This bamboo blanket from YnM has everything you need for a great night of sleep.”]

Our Other Top Picks for Weighted Cooling Blankets

Best Weighted Cooling Blanket Reviews

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket (👑 Top Pick)

The best cooling weighted blanket has to be this bamboo option from YnM.

This blanket oozes quality, and is made from a luxe 300 thread count bamboo. Since it’s 100% bamboo, it’s antibacterial and anti-allergy, as well as being highly breathable. It’s a filled blanket, that’s occupied by lots of glass beads which lend further cooling properties to this blanket. There are 7 layers in total, which sounds like a lot, but rest assured this blanket is designed to regulate body temperature effectively so you can stay cool while you sleep.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and weights, you will be able to find the one for you with almost certainty. Just remember the formula 10% of your body weight plus an extra pound and you’ll be fine. Then there’s the array of calming patterns and colours which should help you drift off when the time comes. You can use the blanket on its own, or you can get an extra duvet cover to use it with. This versatility is welcome, and means that you can customise the blanket to your exact preferences.

When it comes to cleaning this blanket, it’s a breeze. You can wash it however you please, by hand or by machine. You can even chuck it in the tumble dryer once you’ve washed it, so maintaining this blanket will be incredibly straightforward. Do take into account that it’s best to use a duvet cover with this blanket though since then that’s all you’ll need to wash, and as a result you won’t risk damaging the weighted blanket. Also bear in mind that the manufacturer recommends a period of around 2-7 days of adjustment to using a weighted blanket, so it might not be the most comfortable experience from day one.


  • Filled blanket
  • Available in different sizes, weights, and colours
  • 100% bamboo
  • 7-layer structure
  • Pockets of glass beads
  • Can be used with duvet cover

Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket (💰 Best Bang for the Buck)

The best cooling weighted blanket you can get on a budget would have to be the Qusleep diamond.

Available at a very affordable price, this cotton weighted blanket is filled with glass beads that are neatly tucked away beneath diamond stitching. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and a couple of different weighting options. You can buy this blanket either for yourself or for your children, as they are designed to be light enough for use by people of all ages. While there’s only one colour, grey, the low price and convenience of this blanket make it great bang for your buck.

This weighted blanket will cling to your body like a comforting hug, yet without stifling you and raising your body temperature too much. Due to the microfiber in the diamond pattern, the blanket feels soft to the touch and gives off the impression of luxury which betrays its modest price. The design also lends itself well for even weight distribution, which is incredibly important for ensuring you don’t need to make adjustments before you sleep at night.

The fact that this blanket is made from Egyptian cotton should sound like music to your ears, since it’s often considered to be the gold standard for sheets. This type of cotton is very breathable and extremely light and absorbent, so you needn’t worry about sweating or overheating as you sleep with this blanket. Even in the rare case that you find something unsatisfactory about the Qusleep diamond blanket, there is a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.


  •  Filled blanket
  •  Made with Egyptian cotton
  •  Available in several sizes and weights 
  •  Grey colour
  •  5-layer structure
  •  Glass beads
  •  Diamond micro fiber stitching
[amazon box=”B07DBDKDYY” title=”Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket” description=”If you’re looking for a more comfortable, cool night of sleep without breaking the bank then the Qusleep diamond has got you covered.”]

Degrees of Comfort Coolmax Blanket (♾️ Best for Any Situation)

The Coolmax by Degrees of Comfort is the best weighted cooling blanket for any situation.

A premium option, this sophisticated weighted blanket utilises Coolmax cooling technology to provide an extremely comfortable experience for sleeping in hot conditions. If you live in a hot climate, or you just can’t stand the heat when trying to sleep through summer, then you should consider this high-end cooling weighted blanket. If you value staying cool at night, and are willing to splash out to do so, then the Coolmax blanket is worth a shot.

What sets this cooling weighted blanket apart from the competition is of course the use of cooling technology. What might surprise you though is that there is also a cozy warm fleece material you can use with this blanket for when things start to get cold outside. This means an investment in the Coolmax blanket is an investment in being comfortable as you sleep all-year round, which is hard to argue with. The microfiber design makes the cool cotton/synthetic material perfect for hot summer nights, while the thick fleece will keep you warm on harsh winter nights. 

This weighted blanket is filled with nano-ceramic beads, which are a high-quality alternative to the plastic and glass beads you’d usually find in a weighted blanket. These beads are evenly distributed through the blanket for the most comfortable results.


  • Filled blanket
  • Available in different sizes, weights, and colours
  • Coolmax technology
  • Cozyheat technology
  • Nano-ceramic beads
[amazon box=”B07FGQSVS7″ title=”Degrees of Comfort Coolmax Blanket” description=”This technology-infused weighted blanket from Degrees of Comfort should be everything you need for sleeping well at all times of the year.”]

Casper Weighted Blanket

This cooling weighted blanket from Casper is a high-end blanket that will ensure a sound night of sleep. Made from the same manufacturer responsible for widely acclaimed mattresses, you can expect only the best with this blanket.

Available in several weights and sporting an elegant indigo colour, the Casper weighted blanket oozes class. One sign that it’s quality is the fact that it’s made from 100% cotton for the outer shell with a 205 thread count, and 100% polyester for the inner lining. The combination of synthetic and natural materials makes for a comfortable experience and one which caters to those who sweat a lot at night too.

The design imitates that of outerwear, which allows for even distribution of the beads. Yet the inside layer is incredibly fluffy and snug, feeling like a comforting hug when you most need it. Perhaps the best part of this weighted blanket though is the 100-night free trial period. If you don’t like it after 99 nights of use, then feel free to send it back without having spent a penny.


  • Filled blanket
  • Available in 3 weights, 1 size, and indigo colour
  • 100% cotton outer layer
  • 100% polyester inner lining
[amazon box=”B07YSZ25DL” title=”Casper Weighted Blanket” description=”If you have the budget, then this indigo weighted blanket from Casper is a supremely comfortable cooling option to make your nights more cosy.”]

What To Look For When Selecting A Cooling Weighted Blanket

Picking out a cooling weighted blanket that’s right for you isn’t a simple decision.

You should spend some time thinking about what material would be best for your body, what type of blanket you’d find most comfortable, and whether you need special cooling technology or not.


The first, and arguably most important factor, is the material which the outer duvet cover is made from.

As you can imagine, each fabric brings its own properties with regards to how soft it is, how cool it feels to the touch, and how comfortable it is to wear. To better picture how materials can be different, it might help to imagine how it feels to wear a thick wooly sweater in winter versus a cotton t-shirt on a hot summer’s day for example.

Of course, the main priority here should be that the material is both breathable, and cooling.

So what are the main options?

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a luxury material which is highly breathable, and very light.

They are a great material to use for sheets, but also for weighted blankets. They can actually be more cooling than cotton in some cases which makes them ideal for those who often get uncomfortably hot during the night.

As an absorbent material, it can regulate moisture and take care of that summer sweat which affects a lot of us at nighttime.

  • Cotton 

Cotton is widely considered to be one of the best cooling materials in general.

Whether it’s a garment of clothing like a summer t-shirt, or bed sheets, cotton is ideal for regulating body temperature and ensuring you don’t overheat.

Like bamboo cotton can absorb a good amount of moisture, and it is also a much more affordable option than the premium material.

  • Polyester

Synthetic sheets like polyester can be a good option for cooling too.

While they may not provide the same temperature regulating benefits of cotton or bamboo, polyester blankets can be the perfect solution to those who sweat a lot at night.

They won’t absorb the sweat like natural materials will, but rather wick it away so that you don’t end up with a blanket that’s drenched come morning time.


The next factor to take into account is the type of weighted blanket.

By type, we’re referring to the design of the blanket. Some are filled with small pellets or beads evenly throughout, while others are knitted with yarn or with fabric.

Each style has its pros and cons, so it boils down to personal preference.

The filled blankets will require a removable duvet cover so that your body isn’t in direct contact with the bead pouches, while knitted ones don’t.

The advantage of filled blankets though is that you can often pick the duvet cover that you’d prefer, depending on how cool you want it to be etc.


The weight of a cooling blanket should also be a priority, since you want to make sure you don’t feel suffocated but also that you get enough pressure to help ease anxiety and provide comfort.

You’ll generally find that weighted blankets will weigh anything from 5lbs to 30lbs.

To make sure you get the perfect fit, you should factor in your body weight, and go for one which is around 10% of it plus an extra pound.

So for example, if you weigh 200lbs then you should probably be looking at blankets that are 21lbs in weight for the most comfortable experience.


Some weighted blankets are designed with technology which allows for advanced cooling.

While they will be more expensive options, they can be a great choice if you feel like you really need something to bring your temperature down at night.

Coolmax is an example of the technology, and it’s featured in one of the blankets in this guide. There are others too, so keep your eye out for words like improved airflow and cooling technology.


The last factor that you should consider is what your budget is for a cooling weighted blanket.

It’s honestly hard to put a price on great, regular sleep since it can have a huge effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

Yet at the same time, you probably don’t want to spend more than you need to. 

As for what to expect with regards to pricing, cooling weighted blankets start at around $30 and can go up to $200 or more.

It all depends on the material you want, how heavy you want the blanket to be, and how much quality you’re looking for.you want it to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Weighted Blankets

What is the best cooling weighted blanket? 

The best cooling weighted blanket is the YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket due to its high-quality material and comfortable design.

Is there a weighted blanket that keeps you cool?

Absolutely there is! 

While it might seem counterintuitive to have a heavy blanket that can keep your body temperature down rather than raise it, it’s possible.

We’re not saying that sleeping under a thick layer of fabric is going to make you feel cold, but you can find weighted blankets that won’t cause you to overheat.

This cooling effect is achieved as a result of using certain materials or technologies. Some materials are great insulators of heat, which makes them fantastic for use in bedding since they won’t stick to your body and raise your temperature too much.

Some examples of commonly used materials for cooling weighted blankets would be cotton and bamboo. After all, there’s a good reason a lot of summer clothes like t-shirts are made from cotton, since it’s a breathable fabric.

An example of the implementation of technology to make a weighted blanket better suited for those who get hot at night is Coolmax. This technology allows for a comfortable night of sleep by ensuring the material is cool to the touch.

Do weighted blankets keep you cool in the summer?

Weighted blankets can keep you cool even when it’s hot outside, depending on the fabric they are made from.

While there are weighted blankets which would be better suited to winter and cold weather, you can also get heavy blankets that can lower your body temperature at night.

All you need to bear in mind to find the right weighted blanket is that it must be made from a light, breathable fabric such as cotton. Otherwise you might find yourself overheating under the material if it’s too thick like wool.

Do cooling blankets really work? 

Yes, cooling blankets can be effective at keeping your body temperature down when you go to sleep at night.

The way they typically work is by being light and breathable enough not to cause unnecessary heat, and keeping the body temperature low.

By regulating heat and moisture, you can sleep much more comfortably with a cooling weighted blanket. Especially if you struggle with heat at night, or you suffer from anxiety in the evening.

Is it OK to use a weighted blanket every night?

It’s reasonable to wonder if a weighted blanket is safe to use on a regular basis since it applies consistent pressure on your body through the night.

However, it’s largely ok to do so. There are some exceptions though.

You should never try to use a weighted blanket on an infant or young child, since the pressure can be overwhelming for their bodies and can cause harm.

You should also try to avoid using one if you suffer from sleep apnea, or tend to snore at night. This is due to the potential pressure on the chest which could lead to further respiratory agitation.

Other than that instance though, you should feel free to use a weighted blanket for yourself as often as you like.

Who should not use a weighted blanket?

In general, most people can use a weighted blanket without issue. However, if you struggle with breathing at night or snore regularly, then you might be better off seeking other options to help you sleep.

You should also steer away from using a weighted blanket for very young children and infants, since they can be too heavy and prove damaging.

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A Final Word on Cooling Weighted Blankets

Take the time to consider exactly what you need to sleep well at night, and pick the cooling weighted blanket accordingly.

If you get the right blanket, you could see a dramatic improvement in your quality of sleep and your overall wellbeing. Combined with proper sleep habits and the use of certain sleep devices like a wake up light, you can see vast improvements in your sleep quality.

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