Are Weighted Blankets Hot? Here’s Everything You Need to Know


If you toss and turn at night and can’t remember the last time you got a good night of sleep, you might ask yourself whether a weighted blanket could be the solution to your nighttime woes.

However, there’s usually one doubt that sets in: aren’t weighted blankets hot? Won’t you overheat if you sleep under a blanket that’s heavier than your average blanket?

The weighted blanket is heavier than your average blanket, so in theory it should make you hotter at night. Some will, of course, but not all weighted blankets. There are some which use cooling tech and breathable material to keep you comfortable.

Before you dismiss the weighted blanket as being impractical and as a product that adds yet another reason on top of the growing list as to why you can’t sleep, it’s worth finding out what they are all about.

Just because the blanket is weighted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to feel trapped in a greenhouse-style heatbox.

While it’s true that a heavier blanket will help lock in more of your body heat, there are weighted blankets which manage to tread the line between comfort and cooling perfectly well.

Just because you suffer from anxiety at night or restlessness, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your sleep.

The weighted blanket is a possible cure for your late night struggles, so why disregard it before you’ve given it a fair chance?

To get to the bottom of the issue, we’re going to take a look at the composition of the weighted blanket, starting from the outer layer and working our way inwards. That way, we’ll discover what materials to avoid and which to look out for depending on what you’re looking for.

We’ll round off by taking a look at what the best options are for all the hot sleepers out there that can’t get the shuteye they need as a result of high temperatures at night.

The Outside

The first thing you need to know if you’re looking at investing in a weighted blanket is what the external layer is made from.

The outer fabric will to a large extent determine how comfortable and hot the weighted blanket is.

As you may have already worked out, your best bet is to go for lightweight and breathable fabrics if your goal is to get a good night of rest without overheating.

Some of the best options in this respect are Minky or Lyocell fabric, which offer an incredibly soft padding while maintaining just the right amount of airflow to ensure you don’t feel smothered.

Another excellent option is organic cotton. We all know cotton as the go-to material for summer clothes like t-shirts, and there’s a good reason for this. Cotton is a lightweight, breathable material which will take moisture away from the body which should help you sweat less.

A fabric to avoid is polyester, since this type of blanket cover will soak up your sweat and feel incredibly uncomfortable to be under when you get hot during the night. It isn’t a very breathable material, and can make you feel hot and sticky during those warmer evenings.

The Inside

The inner layer of the weighted blanket, which is commonly referred to as the filler, is also hugely important for making sure you don’t overheat at night.

A good example of lightweight fillers is micro glass beads.

While it may sound more like kid’s jewelry than blanket fillers, micro glass beads could become your best friend when it’s time for sleep. The micro glass beads will adapt to the shape of your body while still allowing for plenty of airflow. 

On the other hand, you have poly pellets which also sound like a type of accessory for children, but these you’ll want to avoid if you have trouble with the heat at night.

Poly pellets will keep the heat close to your body and limit the amount of airflow, which will of course make you overheat quickly.

What’s the Best Option for Hot Sleepers?

If you consider yourself to be a hot sleeper, then you have to be very selective about what type of weighted blanket you invest in.

If you pick the wrong fabric or filler, then you’re going to suffer.

The wrong weighted blanket will make sleeping even more difficult than it currently is for you, so you’ll have to choose wisely.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research and we’ve found out what the best options are for the hot sleepers among you.

2 in 1 combo

An interesting option that you might not have even considered before is the 2-in-1 combo weighted blanket.

But wait, why would you want two blankets if your goal is to stay cool at night?

With the 2-in-1 combo weighted blanket, it isn’t the case that you get two layers with the blanket, but two sides.

Basically what this means is that the blanket is reversible, so you can have a warm fabric on one side for when the weather is cold and a light, breathable fabric on the other side for when things heat up.

Cooling Blanket

The cooling weighted blanket is hands-down the best solution for hot sleepers who want a weighted blanket.

This special type of weighted blanket uses cooling techniques and materials to ensure that you stay cool throughout the night, despite the weight of the blanket.

While this might sound hard to believe, these blankets can be very effective and many people swear by them.

Often, the cooling weighted blankets will use high-quality fillers and fabrics which are best for keeping the airflow up and allowing the body to regulate its temperature appropriately.

As such, the cooling weighted blanket offers you the best of both worlds.

It offers you the cooling that an average cotton blanket might provide, but then it also offers the weight that a weighted blanket provides which can help you sleep through the night regardless of restless mind and body activity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weighted Blankets

Will weighted blankets make you hot?

While it will largely depend on the type of weighted blanket you use, you should expect to feel warmer at night when you use one.

This is purely because the blanket weighs more than a standard blanket which will lock in more body heat and keep your body temperature raised throughout the night.

For many, this is a positive, but if you’re worried about not being able to sleep due to being too hot you can search around for cooling weighted blankets which attempt to address this issue.

Are weighted blankets good for hot sleepers?

While it’s hard to say definitely, weighted blankets can be a good option for hot sleepers.

It all depends on what you’re looking to gain from using a weighted blanket and which weighted blanket you invest in.

If you want to relieve nighttime anxiety but are worried about overheating, fortunately there are cooling weighted blankets out there which could be a great option for you.

Is it OK to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

The jury is out when it comes to whether or not you should sleep under a weighted blanket every night.

Some experts will recommend that you only spend 20 or 30 minutes a time under a weighted blanket, while others will suggest that to get the most out of a weighted blanket you need to sleep under it for the duration of the night.

The best thing to do when there’s conflicting advice like this is to find a blanket you like the look of and then see what the brand recommends, or check in with past customer reviews to see what other people have had to say about it.

A Final Word From Wellness Nova

While it’s certainly true that some weighted blankets will make you feel hot at night, it all depends on the material and the technology behind the product.

If you invest in a cooling weighted blanket made from light and breathable materials then you shouldn’t have an issue with overheating during the night.

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Wellness Nova Team

Our detailed review has been contributed to by multiple members of the Wellness Nova Review Team to ensure the best research and highest standard of quality. Have a good or a bad experience with one of the products? Please let us know, we love the feedback!

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