Are you making the right lifestyle choices? If you're unsure, now is the time to learn how to sleep better, improve your wellness without expensive treatments and relieve chronic pain with natural remedies.


Most people fail to hit their wellness goals because they lack the energy, motivation and know-how. We’ll make sure you get there in the simplest and most fun way possible.

80/20 Principle

We keep things simple. By utilizing the psychological 80/20 Principle, we ensure you aren’t overwhelmed and keep focused on the few keystone habits that will transform your body.


Keep the good times rolling by gamifying your progress toward your targets. Plus, we’ll keep you motivated and energized along the way. 

100% Natural

No need for expensive supplements or trying to cheat the system in unhealthy ways. All this approach takes is your willpower.



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Indoor Air Quality

Humidifer vs Dehumidifier: Everything You Need to Know

Do you find your skin and scalp getting drier than necessary? Or you feel an unusual dryness or congestion in your airways? It might be a question of your humid indoor quality. Most people often ignore the dryness of the air around them until it becomes uncomfortable.  Have you heard about the indoor humidity? You

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Pain Relief

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Swollen Lymph Nodes

Do you experience swellings in odd areas? Well, swelling in lymph nodes can be one of the primary reasons you have protrusions in body locations like the pelvis, armpit, groin, chin, and neck. But before learning about why and how these swellings occur and their treatment, it is essential to understand what lymph nodes are. 

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Pain Relief

Homemade Wraps to Lose Weight (DIY Weight Loss)

Body wraps might sound modern, but the history of body wraps can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greek cultures. However, the use of body wraps is now gaining more attention in recent times. Research in the cosmetic and body care industry is further harnessing the potency and benefits of body wraps. 

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Wellness Gear

Best Teas for Colds: A Complete List for When You’re Sick

Winter is the coldest time of the year, and it comes with a lot of festivities. However, together with these festivities is a secret plan of cold and flu. Not only do viruses spread more during winter, almost everyone becomes susceptible to flu and cold. There is a reason your mum makes you drink a

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Pain Relief

Does Apple Juice Make a Pregnancy Test Positive?

Pregnancy tests are one of the most common tests among females. An average female will undergo pregnancy tests at some point in her lifetime. Pregnancy tests are quite sensitive, and it is essential to ensure the result comes out as accurately as possible.  It is common knowledge that a lot of factors can influence pregnancy

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Pain Relief

How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach: The Ultimate Guide

Everyone wants a banging body with no skin blemish. In a world where appearance matters, people put everything in place to keep their bodies intact. Cellulite is one of the skin conditions that can affect everyone, particularly women. This condition has no regard for body shape, skin color, or body size.  Although cellulite on the

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Want to Get Lean and Energetic Without Going to the Gym, Expensive Supplements or a Large Time Commitment?

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